Communicating with G.O.D.

Being one of many friends witnessing Lois’ “magic carpet” ride on the birth and creation of her Chronicles of Hope books has been a spiritual gift. You can’t help but feel her love, enthusiasm, and commitment to humanity when you’re in her presence. I met Lois many years ago when she was referred to me by a dear friend to assist me in the clean-up of my disintegrated 20-year marriage. Lois, who is incredibly talented as a hypnotist, helped me to dissolve old beliefs and guided me to heal former traumas all while realigning and redirecting me into a brighter, happier future. I cleaned the proverbial slate and am always on alert to monitor my thought patterns, as I now am living proof that new positive thought patterns can enhance your life.

With much in common, Lois and I became instant friends, and I started cutting her hair and doing odd jobs for her and her business. I was privileged to witness the earliest of her journeys with information received from “the mill children” that later became her first book, Spirits of Amoskeag. We were both blown away by the accuracies of the spirit children’s stories recalling what had happened to them at the time of their passing. Several years later when Gary came into the picture, it brought our mind-stretching to a whole new level.

Growing up in New Hampshire in a very Catholic family, information like this was not readily available. Often, I left catechism class or church service with many unanswered questions. Reading and dissecting bible verses had me confused often, and many times did not feel good to me or make sense. If God was all-knowing and loving, why was he so offended and judgmental? Where did I come from before birth? The concept of eternal heaven or hell didn’t seem quite right either. I was very connected to Jesus and God and prayed daily, although I heavily feared the “wrath,” knowing my life was far from exemplary.

Several times a week as a young girl all the way into my married life, I would experience severe anxieties before sleep, afraid to “die before I wake,” thinking I would more than likely end up in a burning torture of hell. I would tremor, cry, and sweat before falling into a fitful slumber. Even in church, our priest repeatedly told us, “None of us were worthy to go into his kingdom.” This all didn’t sit well with my sensitive, empathic, and already compromised nature.

As I grew up, I started reading books about life after death, self-help and channeled messages from Master/teachers. My anxieties slowly lessened as my fears about dying subsided. Many years of journaling and many self-help/spiritual books escorted me on my journey into my own soul. Of all the publications and messages I’ve immersed myself in, the Chronicles of Hope trilogy gives some of the most powerful, benevolent, loving information out there. Always have I yearned for answers… and these profound messages were clearly an answer to my prayers.

When Lois included me to sit in on a few guided channels with Gary and others, it was amazing! By this time in my life, I was more in tune to energies and got to witness the amount of love and benevolence in the room. Lois had invited us to help with spiritual protection and to hold the vibration of love for Gary, as channeling sure took a lot out of him. Often, he would be uncontrollably sobbing or in pain of some kind. What a noble gift to humanity, though. Session after session, Lois and Gary would speak with a new entity, all with loving guidance, and spoke of peace and love while there were undertones of urgency. I’m guessing the Spirits and Angels had an inkling of the “Great Awakening” the Earth is now undergoing, taking us in a more positive direction if we choose it.

As beautiful as these messages are, I still possessed an element of confusion. Still praying every day…. who was I praying to when I would pray to God? Jesus was still Jesus, but who was God? One man floating in space listening, loving, and judging everyone never made sense to me, but I prayed and chatted with him/her/it anyway. I was very grateful in one team gathering to be able to ask Archangel Raphael that very question: “Who am I praying to, who is listening?” The reflection was that there is quite a collaboration in spirit to help us. Someone will answer (that is good news!) or we can pray to the spirit of the Earth, Gaia. I do talk out loud on nature walks, talking to trees especially, where I feel quite connected in nature. Raphael’s answers were simple and perfect. They gave me peace… I was happy with that. Also, there is the spirit of Universal Energy that we can also connect with. Now, it seems there were multiple choices with whom to address prayers and musings.

Feeling blessed that there is an entourage of loving spirits guiding us is awesome but also overwhelming. Still, who may I ask for help or pray to? I asked Spirit for guidance to help me clarify my confusion and I lovingly got the download, “Pray to God, use it as an acronym… G.O.D. … Group Of Divine or Group Of Divinity.” That made perfect sense to me, and upon sharing it with the team, they all agreed it was helpful. Lois even shared it in Book 2! Hopefully, that simple acronym will continue to help others.

As you expand your truth, knowledge, and wisdom with these insights, I encourage you to take Lois’ advice to clear and protect yourself. As soon as our energetic light shines bright, it attracts both wonderful energies and energy drainers. If I wake up and do a short meditation and create my sacred space of protection, I have a calmer, more peaceful nervous system that spills into the rest of the day. When I rush out of bed or get distracted, I always regret it. A valuable ritual on many levels.

I’ve been so very blessed to have been invited to be a part of Team Hope. It’s been great to watch all of us shift and evolve and go in different directions with our new knowledge and discernment. I thank Spirit all the time for guiding me toward such wonderful soulful inspirations through so many avenues, including Chronicles of Hope. My life has changed drastically for the better, and I know that, because I no longer have nighttime anxieties, I go to bed peacefully and have released the need to worry about the afterlife. Thank G.O.D.!

*Barrie Fisher photography – thank you!