Holistic Wellness

“We want humanity to believe in itself more than in anything else. When you know in your heart that you are capable of doing a thing … then you can do it.”                                                                                 — Anquietas

There is much debate today on how the current state of our world is affecting the physical and mental health and wellbeing of people and all living beings around the globe. Many are concerned about how the deteriorating conditions of our environment – increasing pollution, destructive storms and natural disasters, violence and crime, political upheaval, and poverty to name a few plights – are contributing to the world’s health crisis.

  • Are you asking WHY there is such unrest and disturbance in every corner of the world?
  • Is the state of the world negatively affecting your mental and/or physical health?
  • Are you questioning what can been done to help you as an individual or the world as a whole?

Chronicles of Hope, The Anquietas, Book 1 reveals definitive answers as to WHY the world is in this concerning state of never-before-seen plight of negativity, but more importantly, explains HOW we can reverse the downward spiral. The state of our world has grown to the point where negative influencers such as fear, hate, guilt, and greed have far surpassed the positive influencers of love, respect, kindness, and hope – and the time is now to reverse the course.

Get insight from a rare, unlikely source into how to shift the world and all those in it back toward positivity and balance – in order to bring back health and wellness to us as individuals and as a collective. Each of us has the power and the tools to restore the world.

Wisdom from the Anquietas

“Disease in humans is brought about primarily by the environment in which they live… and by their own physical natures. It is possible to heal. All diseases have a cure… but the cure is unique to each individual.”

“Because the human brain is only capable of focusing on one consciousness at a time, people who deal with more than one are frequently labeled schizophrenic. It is not necessarily that the physical mind is damaged, it is that they are having difficulty. Ultimately it is difficult for the physical body to separate the two worlds.”

“It is ethics and morality that are the definitions of civilization, not the things that the society can produce. Humanity has become very fixated on the material, and needs to develop its own consciousness rather than its control over the material world.”

“There is too much greed in the world. For too long, people have been told that there isn’t enough. Everything they do is based on scarcity. In truth, there is enough. There is no scarcity … there is no need for it. There is enough for everyone.”

Like so many, I sometimes feel hopeless in that so many people are ill and there’s so much from the environment that’s affecting them. Yet, Chronicles of Hope, The Anquietas, Book 1, shows us that it is possible to begin the positive shift toward wellness, which we all have the potential to contribute to, for better health for both individuals and the planet. It was so hopeful and uplifting to be reminded of the bigger picture and meaning of life, which is important for true health and wellness.

Dr. Laura Chan

ND and LAc

“I’m so grateful to see this timeless message coming to us as a new language. This call challenges us to transform ourselves and our planet. We need to do what we can to inject this truth into our existence as we are guided through this important healing work.”

Kenneth Beaupre


“This book is amazing from both the perspective of content and the method in which it was collected. Consciousness needs to be raised for people to realize there is more than one way of doing things. We all need to remember that we are spirits first, and that we are all connected as spirits. This book has opened many doors that have allowed me to better acknowledge and appreciate the melding of mind, body, and spirit when working with my patients and clients.”

Brian Hill


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Comments From Our Readers

“The most profound truth that resonates in my soul from the manuscript is HOPE. I’m on my second read through. I could not put it down!!!! Now I’m going through again for greater absorption. I love the messages and although it challenges a great many long held beliefs, I am open and I am captivated.

– Kathleen K.

“Your message to transmit the TRUTH is a very important one. And we need you to do anything you can to inject this TRUTH. In this world, TRUTH is ALWAYS crucified. Do not expect your message to be received well or to transform/save us, AND…DO IT ANYWAY!! Jesus was a human keeper of TRUTH. He did not succeed as an individual messenger in his carnation of course but within that mythic resurrected BODY (and the body of any collective humanity) we create HOPE. And 2000+ years later the ancient message still echoes and I’m so grateful it does! We need it more than ever.”

– Ken B