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We want humanity to believe in itself more than in anything else. When you know in your heart that you are capable of doing a thing. Then you can do it.”                                                                                 — Anquietas

There is much debate today on how the current state of our world is affecting the physical and mental health and wellbeing of people and all living beings around the globe. Many are concerned about how the deteriorating conditions of our environment – increasing pollution, destructive storms and natural disasters, violence and crime, political upheaval, and poverty to name a few plights – are contributing to the world’s health crisis.

  • Are you asking WHY there is such unrest and disturbance in every corner of the world?
  • Is the state of the world negatively affecting your mental and/or physical health?
  • Are you questioning what can been done to help you as an individual or the world as a whole?

Chronicles of Hope: The Anquietas: Book 1 reveals definitive answers as to WHY the world is in this concerning state of never-before-seen plight of negativity, but more importantly, explains HOW we can reverse the downward spiral. The state of our world has grown to the point where negative influences such as fear, hate, guilt, and greed have far surpassed the positive influencers of love, respect, kindness, and hope – and the time is now to reverse the course.

Chronicles of Hope: The Collective: Book 2 shares insights from multiple sources of higher wisdom who are close to humanity. They tell us exactly what we need to do to shift our energy to be more positive and healthy. We must each do what we can in our own minds and take action to embrace the power of inspired living so we can to make a difference. We have the ability to make our world the paradise it is supposed to be. When we come together as one united collective of people who care for one another and our Earth, we will create a world filled with health, harmony, and peace.  

Get insight from rare, unlikely sources into how to shift the world and all those in it back toward positivity and balance – in order to bring back health and wellness to us as individuals and as a collective. Each of us has the power and the tools to restore the world.

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Insights from Chronicles of Hope

“It is ethics and morality that are the definitions of civilization, not the things that the society can produce. Humanity has become very fixated on the material, and needs to develop its own consciousness rather than its control over the material world.” — Anquietas

“Do not let the fact that you have technology delude you into thinking that you are evolved. I want humanity to survive, but I want it to survive with strength.”
— Archangel Samael

“You have been granted audiences with the oldest spirits within me. Listen to those words and pass them on. Take them into your own heart and try to get others to do the same.” — Spirit of the Universe

“Disease in humans is brought about primarily by the environment in which they live, and by their own physical natures. It is possible to heal. All diseases have a cure, but the cure is unique to each individual.” — Anquietas

“Suspend your biases as you read this book. It will deliver a message that moves your spirit. We are facing a serious threat to our planet and humankind. It is not a virus. It is not just a figment of our imaginations. We all come from somewhere and something extraordinary. If these words are true, our world is careening toward a point of no return. This book is for those who care about humanity and dare to hope. This is our Collective call to action. Thank you, ALL!”

Heather Tallman Ruhm

Integrative Medical Doctor, SynergyofLife.com

“Like so many, I sometimes feel hopeless in that so many people are ill and there’s so much from the environment that’s affecting them. Chronicles of Hope shows us that it is possible to begin the positive shift toward wellness, which we all have the potential to contribute to, for better health for both individuals and the planet. It was so hopeful and uplifting to be reminded of the bigger picture and meaning of life, which is important for true health and wellness.”

Dr. Laura Chan

ND and LAc

“Chronicles of Hope addresses the serious concerns that many of us feel about the direction that our country and even the entire world is heading. Like the fabled Atlantis, we too face multiple serious dangers from our own mad scientists driven by corporate greed or thoughts of military advantage that tinker with geo-engineering, bioterrorism, gene splicing, nanotechnology, 5G, and vaccines. Even without considering multiple human injustices, riots, and the explosive political climate, any one of these other dangers could cause unforeseen consequences with humanity itself becoming extinct unless major changes are made now. We are, as the Spirits attest, almost at the tipping point.

In this atmosphere of looming doom, hope is very much needed. It will come as we step into our own power, with each person doing whatever is theirs to do, seeking and following their own inner guidance. It will come as we deliberately look for and collaborate with others doing their part. Mutual support is key. Healing our own issues so that we do not demonize others is a part. Honoring the Earth and nature is a part. Thinking of the consequences of everything we do, or do not do is a part. As these spirits tell us, humans are ONE species. And we are all connected not just with all of humanity but with the planet and everything on it.”

Roxanne Louise,

Hypnotherapist, Recipient of 7 National Hypnosis Awards, National Speaker and Author, Former President of the American Society of Dowsers, www.RoxanneLouise.com

“I love a book that stirs a resonance within; one that not only increases awareness but enhances that enlightenment beyond expectation. For me, this book was cause for many pauses for reflection and deep introspection. This book moves through enlightenment to awaken who we truly are and who we truly must be. The message is clear: we must change. We must embrace the narrative of these ancient spiritual beings to raise the vibrational energy of humanity and bring their message of hope. It is a once in a lifetime read, in the hope of saving our planet and the people on her.”

Brian Hill

Physical Therapist, Transpersonal Hypnotist, Hill Rehab & Manual Therapy, [email protected]

“I am deeply moved by the Chronicle of Hope books, personally and professionally. Personally, Book 1 gives me an understanding of how the Earth and the Universe were formed and calls out our human responsibility to care for this special planet so future life may continue to live here. Book 2 gives me a plan of how to live in a deeply spiritual way, and begin repairing the damage on our Earth so my children and grandchildren have a place to live. Growing up in my church, I was told to first ask God for direction and wait. Now, I understand to seek first my own spirit’s path and then partner with my Creator so I may create my positive corner of the world.

Professionally, I share these ideas with my psychotherapy clients as they seek ways to manage depression and anxiety. Many clients say learning the ideas in these books gives them a plan to follow that boosts their joy and let go of negative memories and emotions. They benefit from learning how connected with others they truly are which increases their understanding that caring for themselves helps them care for others too.”

Laurel Kramer

Psychologist, Transpersonal Hypnotist

“I’m so grateful to see this timeless message coming to us as a new language. This call challenges us to transform ourselves and our planet. We need to do what we can to inject this truth into our existence as we are guided through this important healing work.”

Kenneth Beaupre


Comments From Our Readers

“The most profound truth that resonates in my soul from the manuscript is HOPE. I’m on my second read through. I could not put it down!!!! Now I’m going through again for greater absorption. I love the messages and although it challenges a great many long held beliefs, I am open and I am captivated.

– Kathleen K.

“Your message to transmit the TRUTH is a very important one. And we need you to do anything you can to inject this TRUTH. In this world, TRUTH is ALWAYS crucified. Do not expect your message to be received well or to transform/save us, AND…DO IT ANYWAY!! Jesus was a human keeper of TRUTH. He did not succeed as an individual messenger in his carnation of course but within that mythic resurrected BODY (and the body of any collective humanity) we create HOPE. And 2000+ years later the ancient message still echoes and I’m so grateful it does! We need it more than ever.”

– Ken B