Spiritual and Metaphysical

“You can’t appreciate love without hate. There should be a balance. We are here to help maintain balance on Earth. It is not in balance right now. There is too much negative.”                                                                                               —Anquietas

Traditional hypnosis deals primarily with the physical and mental aspects of the human being to help resolve bodily symptoms and emotional issues. While this long-established work of hypnotists is beneficial, we live in a multi-dimensional world, so traditional techniques can be somewhat limiting. Human beings are comprised of the spiritual as well as the physical, mental, and emotional aspects, all of which contain numerous layers. For complete wellness, all of these aspects of the human being truly must be considered. Hypnotists and energy workers need to address issues related to the whole being—mind, body, and spirit—in their work. While past life regression, a technique that uses hypnosis to recover memories of past lives or incarnations, goes beyond traditional hypnosis methods to help get to the root cause of an issue, Chronicles of Hope, The Anquietas, Book 1, goes even further.

Chronicles of Hope, The Anquietas, Book 1, reveals an aspect that contributes to wellness that is widely misunderstood—vibrational energy. The Universe is comprised of energies and vibrations, and there is a natural flow of energy that can either drag us down or lift us up, depending on our own level of energy. The revolutionary information in this book comes to us through rare teachings from the highest spiritual realm, and is a useful learning tool for hypnotists, energy workers, and spiritual-minded people.

It explains:

  • What are high and low vibrational energies or entities?
  • How do these energies affect all living things, often without us even being aware?
  • How do we keep our energy clear for true physical, mental, and emotional wellness?

The messages that comprise Chronicles of Hope give us far-reaching insight to help us restore positivity and balance in ourselves so we can all live happier, healthier, more positive lives.

Chronicles of Hope invites you to join in the mission to restore balance in the world, to save our precious planet, and the life that lives in, on, and around her.

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Wisdom from the Anquietas

“We must make a conscious effort to increase our vibrational energy to drive out the lower vibrational energies. It is easier to allow higher vibrational energy to enter if we turn the Earth’s spiral [of negative energy] in the other direction.”

“There is a connection between our Conscious and yours … through more generations than even we can understand. But all life, all energetic life, all physical life, is connected at some level. If you need to find something greater than yourself, then consider that Web of Life.”

“We need more creative thought. People have stopped trying. Creating new things will bring their vibrational energy higher. People need to feel that what they are making is useful. We need to spark creative energy. Plan a way to bring in higher vibrational energy. It only takes one spark.”

“When you pray for help, the guidance that comes to you comes from everywhere. All other life will respond to any call for help. Whether     you can understand the response … is a different question.” 

“This book is the foundation of where the world of hypnosis is headed. The quantum sciences indicate we live in a multi-dimensional world, and much of the work being done by traditional hypnosis doesn’t seem to take this into account. People who are spiritually-oriented and open-minded will find the teachings in this book to be revolutionary. It is well worth the time and energy to help themselves and others, not just to read, but to study.”

Albert J. Marotta

MA, CHT, Transpersonal Hypnotist

“Many have felt the presence of what they refer to as some sort of energy or ghost activity or have friends or family who have described this. While this is relatable for a lot of people, Chronicles of Hope helps to answer the questions surrounding the validity of this feeling and what this energy is, which I think helps to reduce the stress around it.”

Dr. Laura Chan

ND and LAc

“This book and the inspired hypnosis sessions have impacted my life profoundly. It’s guided me to get in touch with myself and anchored the belief that I am greatly supported by a wealth of angelic love. The adversities in my life have not slowed down, but the way I view them and the strength I pull from them is more profound due to the amount of love, guidance, and support I have from spirit. It has been a privilege to be involved with the Chronicles of Hope project.

Denise McCalvey

Certified Hypnotist, Team Hope

“I have felt for the past several years, and have personally experienced a soul and sacred connection process, that through life altering events – either mentally, physically, or spiritually – we update from the old analogue process to become digital. The life-changing experience of Chronicles of Hope has allowed Lois to translate the downloaded knowledge into language humans can understand in order to reap the benefits. That will be one of the great takeaways of this work in the years to come. In fact, I feel Lois can directly translate future questions that interested readers and participants in her workshops will ask. The summaries of each session are one of the greatest benefits of this book. Congratulations on taking on such a time consuming and enlightening venture to continue to advance the project of spreading HOPE.”

Dr. Michael Hathaway

Ph. D in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Board Certified Fellow of the National Guild of Hypnotists and Instructor

“The teachings in this book are a great resource for anyone who is sensitive to energies, works to shift other people’s energy, and those on a quest to help humankind and our planet.”

Lois Hermann

Author, Chronicles of Hope

Comments From Our Readers

The Anquietas’ message is very straight forward but the ability to disseminate the information is challenging and difficult. We know that many have tried to deliver these messages and have failed. There are roadblocks and negativity in the way. But if we can reach just some of those who are open to receive, hear and act on the message to begin the shift toward positivity, we will have been successful.”


“As we continue to strive through hope, I am beginning to glimpse and feel the deep love that passes between all living things, seen and unseen…with love, I am coming to know purpose…and, like a child on Christmas Eve, I anxiously await the next book to further the discussion.” 

Kris W.