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“If you care about humanity in this time of mass chaos, emotional confusion, and spiritual discord, know that change is here. People are desperately seeking direction, physically, mentally, spiritually, and professionally. Chronicles of Hope: The Collective is your port in the storm. Reality is multidimensional and its problems cannot be solved with a 3-dimensional mentality. Personal decisions determine the degree which affects us individually, and collectively as a nation and even as a civilization.

Chronicles of Hope: The Collective delivers intellectual insights in a clear format for reversing the negative emotional and spiritual decline humanity seems to be locked into from religious, political, or unchecked core emotions. Chronicles does not attack core values or beliefs but offers ancient time-tested messages in a factual, non-emotional intellectual structure for you to consider. Chronicles shows how negative emotional issues historically have destroyed individuals, countries, even whole civilizations. This book offers a solid format for fantastic intellectual, spiritual, and emotional growth that benefits all.

The structure of this book is brilliant, yet simple, not simplistic! Each chapter has three parts, the goal of the session, the actual transcribed session, and reflection with thoughts of the session. Well done, Lois and Gary. I hopefully await the next book in the series.”

Albert Marotta

Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Instructor, Remote Healing

Chronicles of Hope: The Collective is a profound, graceful, and loving book which brings forth the possibilities for all humanity. Here you’ll find the work of a highly-skilled professional, Lois Hermann, who helps to gather information to share with humanity. She works with sensitivity and precision in unveiling and explaining powerfully channeled information, as well as through other great experts who reveal the mysteries of the Universe and civilizations from Earth and beyond. This opens us to ancient truths buried in the inner being. A book of revelations.”

Marilyn Gordon, BCH, CI

Hypnotherapist, Certified Instructor, Author, Life Transformation Company,

“Chronicles of Hope: The Anquietas: Book 1 rattled my psychic being and queried my spiritual awareness. It was a game-changer. Chronicles of Hope: The Collective: Book 2 brought unity to my psychic consciousness and a spiritual transformation. It not only changed the game; it altered the outcome of the entire championship. This book describes how the Ancient Ones desire to bring wisdom, sustainability, and unity to our beloved planet and its inhabitants. Regrettably, they are seeing ignorance, environmental decline, and large inequities in the makeup of our societies‒largely due to greed, hoarding, and injustice. However, we can all do something to bring about a positive change. Read this book. Join the Collective.” 

Neil Helm, PhD

Scholar in Residence (Ret.), Atlantic University, Virginia Beach, Virginia

“Following the reading of the Chronicles of Hope: The Anquietas: Book 1, I couldn’t begin to imagine the treasure being offered in Volume 2. As each of the Energies responded to the call, my awareness of questions which had emerged throughout my lifelong spiritual journey was sharpened! Many of these questions have been answered, in addition to information validating my Spiritual Knowing.

Their primary message of The Golden Rule, “Do onto others as you would have others do onto you,” is the key to re-creating our world in harmony amongst all beings. This encapsulation in kindness can pave the pathway to preserving our world. Gaia is suffering, and we must consciously honor Her Spirit and her body. We cannot exist without her. We will perish, as other cultures before us have done.

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Grandmother Blue Crow

Northern Cheyenne

“I love a book that stirs a resonance within; one that not only increases awareness but enhances that enlightenment beyond expectation. For me, this book was cause for many pauses for reflection and deep introspection. This book moves through enlightenment to awaken who we truly are and who we truly must be. The message is clear: we must change. We must embrace the narrative of these ancient spiritual beings to raise the vibrational energy of humanity and bring their message of hope. It is a once in a lifetime read, in the hope of saving our planet and the people on her.”

Brian Hill, PT, CH

Physical Therapist and Hypnotist, Hill Rehab & Manual Therapy, [email protected]

“The greatest books are the books that change people’s lives. They tell the world something it needs to hear, even if it challenges everything that was thought to be true. Chronicles of Hope: The Collective is exactly that book!” 

Read Chantelle’s heartwarming Foreword in Chronicles of Hope: The Collective here.

Chantelle Renee

Hypnotist & Author, Aligning with the Divine

“I have followed hypnosis colleague, Lois Hermann, with fascination through her books, the Spirits of Amoskeag, and then Chronicles of Hope: The Anquietas: Book 1, and now Chronicles of Hope: The Collective: Book 2.

Chronicles of Hope addresses the serious concerns that many of us feel about the direction that our country and even the entire world is heading. Like the fabled Atlantis, we too face multiple serious dangers from our own mad scientists driven by corporate greed or thoughts of military advantage that tinker with geo-engineering, bioterrorism, gene splicing, nanotechnology, 5G, and vaccines. Even without considering multiple human injustices, riots, and the explosive political climate, any one of these other dangers could cause unforeseen consequences with humanity itself becoming extinct unless major changes are made now. We are, as the Spirits attest, almost at the tipping point.

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Roxanne Louise,

Hypnotherapist, Recipient of 7 National Hypnosis Awards, National Speaker and Author, Former President of the American Society of Dowsers,

“If you are not familiar with spiritual language, it may be difficult to grasp some of the concepts of this book. However, the guidance, wisdom, and advice are clear. Listen to the overall message. Focus on the meaning of the words. There needs to be a world shift soon or humanity’s time left on Earth may be limited. Rather than judge, listen to these profound, groundbreaking insights that can guide us into a new era of safer times. We, the readers, will finish this story. The fate of humanity depends on the readers of Chronicles of Hope.

Caroline Snyder

Holistic Health Advocate and Teenage Blogger,

“I want to thank Lois for her courage and wisdom to write this book and put this information out to the public. I have studied many of the topics that she covers and I can tell you that what she has written is critical information that is a must-read for all of us. It’s time that we all wake up and live our true path and this is the place to start.”

Lisa Schermerhorn CHT, RMT

Peak Performance Mindset Coach,

“Powerful. This book can save humanity. Don’t let beliefs get in your way. “Can this be true?” Stop believing what you believe. Jesus said, “You need to unlearn before you can learn.” When you were young, you were told, “Don’t put your hand on the stove or you’ll hurt yourself.” You believed it, but you did it anyway and hurt yourself. You experienced it and knew it to be true. Knowledge is more powerful than belief. Most of what you believe was taught to you by parents, books, preachers, TV, and friends. Most of who you think you are is a belief, and many beliefs aren’t true. Absorb the wisdom in this book. Feel it. Experience it. Know it. Powerful!”

Kent Guiding Fox


“The spirits that shared their communications in Book 2 will move you to tears, give you hope, and reset your intentions. The insights speak to every cell of your body. Be prepared at times to have your beliefs challenged while other times feel validated by truths you’ve experienced but were afraid to share. Open your heart to receive the urgent beckoning for us to wake up, respect our Earth, its species, and each other. Be a part of the profound shift that must occur on this planet and choose to be a voice for Gaia. Future generations will honor and thank you. I absolutely loved this book! By far, it is the only book that has loved me back!”

Denise McCalvey, HCT, RM

Transpersonal Hypnotist

“Lois Hermann’s latest book, Chronicles of Hope: The Collective is a second in her series. After the Anquietas, it is an insightful update on her hypnosis sessions with a client channeling messages from the upper level of existence. God, Jesus, and other religions are present throughout. Lois takes you along on a journey to receive messages full of empathy, forgiveness, and callings to wake you up. This wonderful book is about embracing the whole cosmos, opening the mind to find solutions to change at all levels. It encourages you to take action built on the messages from the universe. Read it, respond to it, rescue the world.”

Dr. Petra Frese, BCH, CI

Mental Coach, Award-Winning Best-Selling Author,, Your Script for Hope

“With the world in such a state of disarray, this book is right on time. The messages speak truth to our true nature as human beings. The messages are profound and inspiring, encouraging every one of us to explore ourselves deeper. We must truly ask who we are and what is our purpose here as a human collective. It was wonderfully written and keeps you engaged and wanting more with each chapter. I am already craving insights from Book 3.”

Justin Etling

Recovery and Spiritual Teacher, Author, Founder of Ascend Video Virtual Communities,

“As one reads Chronicles of Hope: The Collective, you are sitting right there next to them – the premier Counselors of our entire existence. Lois and Team Hope were undeniably visited by these sages and entrusted with their messages. This book places the reader in the front row, amplifying the most important and compelling messages of our time and for our generations to come. The invitation is palpable: pause, reflect, consider, and act. Each of us has the power to change the world for the better and this insightful and inspired book provides a recipe for hope and success.

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Melinda Tourangeau

Author, Motivational Speaker

“Suspend your biases as you read this book. It will deliver a message that moves your spirit. We are facing a serious threat to our planet and humankind. It is not a virus. It is not just a figment of our imaginations. We all come from somewhere and something extraordinary. If these words are true, our world is careening toward a point of no return. This book is for those who care about humanity and dare to hope. This is our Collective call to action. Thank you, ALL!”

Heather Tallman Ruhm

Integrative Medical Doctor,

Lois Hermann captivated my full attention from the moment I started reading The Chronicles of Hope: The Anquietas: Book 1. I read it from cover to cover in one day. The Collective: Book 2 built on that life-changing foundation. It was so profoundly personal and enlightening. I kept thinking as I read about different spirits – I KNOW YOU! I was able to see Jesus and His teachings from the depth of His perspective. The resonating truths are palpable. The information is uplifting and informative. The presentation is so engaging that at times I felt like I attended the session in person. This book is such an incredible gift to anyone who reads it! It’s partly a call to action and part roadmap for living a conscious life. We ARE all connected; every living thing as well as the Earth herself, the Universe, and all that is seen and unseen. Lois brought insight about our origins from the perspective of our Creators, through the eyes of their children’s children. New understandings were created while old misunderstandings were corrected. I carry in my soul love, hope, and a deep and abiding respect for the messages and the messengers.

This book is an incredible gift to anyone who reads it! It’s partly a call-to-action and partly a roadmap for living a conscious life. I was able to see Jesus and his teachings from the depth of his perspective. New understandings were created while old misunderstandings were corrected. Lois helps bring insight about our origins from the perspective of our creators through the eyes of their children’s children. The resonating truths are palpable, and the information is uplifting. The presentation is so engaging that at times I felt like I attended the session in person.”

Kathleen Kubacki

Massage Therapist, Transpersonal Hypnotist, Transpersonal Hypnotist,

Chronicles of Hope is essential reading for anyone seeking true inspiration – and is timelier now more than ever. For those in search of wisdom that transcends generation, look no further than this special collection. Enjoy!”

Selina D. Valentine

HypnoBiz Media Founder, www.HypnoBiz

“I am deeply moved by the Chronicle of Hope books, personally and professionally. Personally, Book 1 gives me an understanding of how the Earth and the Universe were formed and calls out our human responsibility to care for this special planet so future life may continue to live here. Book 2 gives me a plan of how to live in a deeply spiritual way, and begin repairing the damage on our Earth so my children and grandchildren have a place to live. Growing up in my church, I was told to first ask God for direction and wait. Now, I understand to seek first my own spirit’s path and then partner with my Creator so I may create my positive corner of the world.

Professionally, I share these ideas with my psychotherapy clients as they seek ways to manage depression and anxiety. Many clients say learning the ideas in these books gives them a plan to follow that boosts their joy and let go of negative memories and emotions. They benefit from learning how connected with others they truly are which increases their understanding that caring for themselves helps them care for others too.”

Laurel Kramer

Psychologist, Transpersonal Hypnotist

“Inspiration and Action. The significance of these two powerful words is beautifully threaded throughout Chronicles of Hope: The Collective. During this time of a global pandemic, Lois Hermann’s latest book provides the thirsty reader with a greater understanding of how we as individuals can positively affect change for ourselves and our collective humanity. Inspiring actions, such as connecting with nature bring incredible healing, peace, and growth for us now, and give the gift of gratitude and appreciation to future generations.”

Kelly Dwyer

Owner Inner Balance Wellness Coaching, LLC,

“As the author of the Foreword said, Lois Hermann is a compassionate woman. Also, she is a competent hypnotherapist. As an experienced trainer with almost four decades of experience, I am careful to choose only competently trained hypnotherapists when I am a client. Lois facilitated one of the most beneficial sessions of my career, eventually resulting in two more books from me. After reading Chronicles of Hope: The Collective, I am pleased to see her write a sequel to the first book about spiritual realms. Whether or not some of the messages stretch your spiritual beliefs, may some of the words of wisdom bring peace to your soul.”

Roy Hunter

DIMDHA, DAPHP, Published Author and Hypnosis Instructor

“Lois offers amazing channeled information from many ancient societies and Guides from outside of our normal reach. Their views on our society are stated with such purpose. Lois mentions many times about the importance of clearing energy. I especially enjoyed learning about the Protective Bubble because it reminded me of having to protect myself from lower energies. I was fascinated with the details she shares about Gaia, Mother Earth, the planet, and its inhabitants. Especially helpful is that the Highlights are all consolidated in one place.”

Catherine M. Laub, ACM

The Celestial Spoon Podcast Host, Author,

I am in a state of gratitude and awe as I formulate my thoughts, ideas, and impressions in order to write this review of “Chronicles of Hope: The Collective: Book 2 written by Lois Hermann.

I have the utmost respect and admiration for the courage it took to write such a powerful, insightful, awe-inspiring, and life-altering book. The Collective shared such insight and guidance for the benefit of humanity at a critical tipping point of our existence. We (humanity) are left with very clear choices and solutions to save humanity and restore our planet and live with hope, peace, and love.

Each one of us views our world through our personal prism, which forms from our history, family, and life experiences. This perspective is important and valuable; however, I would invite everyone who reads this book to set aside your personal prism and formed perspective. Approach this book with childlike innocence and allow your spirit (soul) to be open to all the possibilities that “The Collective’s” messages bring to you. Then, if you choose, bring these lessons and insights into your own life. You will then vibrate at a higher frequency filled with light and hope and this will in turn have a rippling effect to other lives you touch.”

Christine Peck

Transpersonal Hypnotist, [email protected]

“Three loves of my life are words, music, and nature. Chronicles of Hope speaks to all three. Of words: the Collective, a group of Divine Spirits and Angels, kindles my hope that incites and lights my path toward positive thought and action, raising my vibrational energy. Of music: the messages in this book reverberate and ring the bell of awakening deep within, and my wellspring of spirit is renewed and responds with joy and expression. Of nature: I hear Gaia, the living Spirit of the Earth, singing the refrain of life that is the drumbeat of all hope.”

Lizzie Fleenor

Writer, Reader, Spiritual Seeker

“Chronicles of Hope is a gift to humanity! Chronicles of Hope: The Collective has become my go-to daily inspirational reference. It never fails that the guidance offered is exactly what is called for each day. I receive timely messages of love and hope, courage and faith from our loving guides.

Lois’s investment of time, effort, research, and divinely guided writings offers a breath of fresh and renewing air during a time when hope and the reminder that peace is always available is truly vital. Literally life-saving. Thank you Lois and team for all you gave and continue to give to make this timely message available for so many.

May this message of eternal hope ring gently into the ears, and hearts, and minds, and souls of our people, our animals, our plants, and remind our Mother Earth that we are listening and learning.”

Carrie L. Klaiber

Holistic RN,

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Book 1 Reviews

…a true believer, one who accepts our coexistence as both human and transcendent, with access to even greater knowledge and revelation by way of even higher transcendent beings – in this case through channeled sessions prompted within deep hypnosis – such a reader will find the material in this book permeating their awareness, thereby leading them toward increasing positivity and health.

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Joel R. Dennstedt

Readers' Favorite

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Nancy Mills

Spirited Woman

Chronicles of Hope is an expansive cosmic book for understanding existence and its universal truths. Lois Hermann, working in concert with Gary Scott, has done a magnificent job of chronicling the vast channeled messages through Gary to create a panoramic book that unveils profound universal secrets. Working in hypnotic trance, these secrets are revealed one after another in a captivating book that plumbs the depths and soars to the heights of conscious existence.

Many questions that have puzzled humanity for ages are answered; an understanding of spirits, vibrational levels, the true nature of divinity, the creation of Earth, ancient civilizations and their mysteries, the nature of negativity and its solutions, the evolution of earth, and how to transform the challenges of our world now—all this and much more grace the pages of this book.

It is obvious that Lois Hermann has devoted every fiber of her being to this project. And we can only wish her huge success with her life mission and work on this planet.

Marilyn Gordon

B.C.H., C.I.

I have felt for the past several years, and have personally experienced a soul and sacred connection process, that through life altering events – either mentally, physically, or spiritually – we update from the old analogue process to become digital. The life-changing experience of Chronicles of Hope has allowed Lois to translate the downloaded knowledge into language humans can understand in order to reap the benefits. That will be one of the great takeaways of this work in the years to come. In fact, I feel Lois can directly translate future questions that interested readers and participants in her workshops will ask. The summaries of each session are one of the greatest benefits of this book. Congratulations on taking on such a time consuming and enlightening venture to continue to advance the project of spreading HOPE.

Dr. Michael Hathaway

Ph. D in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Board Certified Fellow of the National Guild of Hypnotists and Instructor

Regardless of your beliefs, Chronicles of Hope by Lois Hermann with Gary Scott is a very thought-provoking book. The information contained resulted from her facilitating spiritual hypnosis. I often say that the absence of proof of a theory does NOT constitute disproof.

Lois and I met years ago at a national hypnosis conference. I was impressed with both her skills and her genuine desire to live spiritually; so I asked her to facilitate a session for me. That session was one of the three most profound sessions of my life, resulting in my writing a book for professionals on parts therapy that Crown House Publishing published two years later, and also contributed to the creation of The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis over a decade later. I have shared that life-changing session scores of times during workshops around the world with hypnosis professionals.

Regardless of how you feel about her book, I will always be grateful for that session back in 2003. All who have benefited directly or indirectly from the parts therapy text have indirectly benefited from Lois as well, because she skillfully helped me access Divine Wisdom from that part of me most closely connected to God.

Roy Hunter

DIMDHA, DAPHP, Published Author and Hypnosis Instructor

I would say for me that the most striking piece for me personally was the affirmation and reminder that …. we are not alone. It was so supportive to be reminded about all the support guides we have around us and just asking for help is sometimes all we need to do. Of course, I was reminded about the “nasties” energies as well, but the support of the higher energies superseded that concern. So Session 8 was particularly relevant to me. Also, I enjoyed the talk about energy protection, once again as a reinforcement of what I have been doing.

I would say to someone in the wellness arena: this book is a bold reminder that wellness is a multi-dimensional experience, one that crosses all time and space boundaries that we have forgotten as we have moved deeper into this human life experience.

Karen Cerato

OT/L, RMT, RYT, NH Health & Wellness Center

I found this book extremely interesting and hard to put down. I learned how to protect our positive energy and delete negative energy, and discovered that assistance is all around us. All we need to do is ask for it. This is a great resource for all hypnotists and energy workers. There’s loads of detail, and it was told exactly as it was. Thank you, Lois,  for sharing.

Tommy Vee

CI, CCH, Valley Hypnosis

Do you think outside the box? Have you awoken and are open minded to learn more about humanity and its journey? Then this book is for you. Author Lois Hermann was gracious enough to allow me a pre-read of her new book Chronicles of Hope and you can pre-order it right now.

Tom Nicoli

Master Hypnotist, A Better You Hypnosis Center

I love the concept of Lois’ new book, “Chronicles of Hope.” We as hypnotists from time to time come across sessions with clients, by either regressing with them or it happens unintentionally, which turn out to be very special. Either peeking into past lives or into new levels of consciousness, none of us has ever thought about. Thus, our work as guides for clients in hypnosis is so exciting and suspense driven as much as rewarded by healing effects. This is what Lois Hermann experienced with her client Gary Scott.

The 11 sessions she reports on are out of the ordinary in the way that he was able to be a medium for the Anquietas or the Ancient Ones. They speak with their wisdom through him to Lois. To transcribe these sessions and reflect on these in a brief interpretation, as Lois calls this the Reflections, and in addition to concentrate the messaging in what she calls the Highlights, which are bullet point-like super summaries is ingenious. She does so session after session, chapter after chapter. This structure makes this book easy to read, to follow, and to understand.

Lois refers to the responses to her as coming directly from the Anquietas, not from Gary. This is interesting and shows the belief system of both. Driven and guided by the search for positivity in a mediocre world, looking for answers and truth in a world full of hopelessness or misguided religious beliefs and institutions. Lois and Gary make it possible to question traditional and generally accepted assumptions about the origin of life, faith and hope. More than that, they deliver a recipe for hope which is so desperately needed in today’s world to transform our existing one into a better place.

If we all are working together, we can grow and generate a healthy environment filled with peace, love, and joy. I cannot wait to read further sequels as her subtitle “Book 1” suggests.

Petra Frese is the founder of Lehigh Valley Hypnosis, LLC, based in Allentown, Pennsylvania and author of, “Your Script for Hope,” where she pulls from her experience as a scientist and hypnotherapist and years of coaching clients in the U.S. and Europe to guide you out of despair and into a place of comfort.

Petra Frese

Hypnotist & Author, Your Script for Hope

Chronicles of Hope is an engaging look at the world of spirituality, life’s great mysteries, and the power we all hold as human beings. It opens the door for your self-discovery of love, forgiveness, and healing. It is a beautiful, coherent book for those who are looking for more truth about who we really are and who are seeking a deeper understanding of the meaning of life.

Chantelle Renee

Hypnotist & Author, Aligning with the Divine