By Lois Hermann

Many of us are pondering the answer to how can we possibly create harmony and peace in our world amidst the chaos. I’m grateful to my dear friend, Grandmother Blue Crow, Northern Cheyenne, who says the primary message in my new book, Chronicles of Hope: The Collective shows us how. The second book in the Chronicle of Hope series offers timely messages for our world at a time when we need instruction on how to return to harmony.

Thank you to Grandmother Blue Crow for your thoughts:

“Following the reading of the Anquietas, Book 1, I couldn’t begin to imagine the treasure being offered in this Volume. As each of the Energies responded to the call, my awareness of questions which had emerged throughout my lifelong spiritual journey was sharpened! Many of these questions have been answered, in addition to information validating my Spiritual Knowing.

Their primary message of The Golden Rule, “Do onto others as you would have others do onto you,” is the key to re-creating our world in harmony amongst all beings. This encapsulation in kindness can pave the pathway to preserving our world. Gaia is suffering, and we must consciously honor Her Spirit and her body. We cannot exist without her. We will perish, as other cultures before us have done.

The profound importance of the physical embodiment of the Arianya Spirit, here and now, is an example of the urgency to which we, those of light, must respond. We are here at this time to do this work, in joy and harmony.”

Grandmother also shared this about Team Hope, who came together to deliver this work.

“When it is from Divine intervention, it is willed to be heard. It is necessary at this time for this information to be shared. I am so proud of you for taking this journey, baby steps at a time, in between the leaps of faith, to bring it into fruition. It is very important, and this is the time.

The people involved in Team Hope, it is part of their purpose, here and now. This is what we are here for. I could not give a lot of time directly into the process, but I sure put a whole lot of prayer into it. I honor every single person I have met who is connected to Team Hope. They are exemplary humans walking on this planet, fulfilling their spiritual quest and being brought together through the creation of this series. Part of their purpose of being here is to give what they have that needs to be given. Consider each person perhaps to be an instrument in the orchestra, and you (Lois) are the conductor that has managed to bring it into form.”

Available on 8/8/20, Book 2 shares channeled messages from wise spirits who teach us how to raise our vibrational rate, shifting our energy to be more positive—to heal ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world. These spiritual beings of the Collective are concerned for humanity’s future if we don’t change. However, if we ask and listen, they are ever willing to assist us in saving this precious planet and the life that lives in, on, and around her. I can’t wait to share Book 2 with you soon!

Grandmother Blue Crow connects with people through Native American Healing Circles to continue to learn about herself. She is the owner of Sacred Pathways 3.4.1, a Guide for Sacred Circles and Ceremonies, a Reiki Master/Teacher, and Ordained Minister in LivelyStones Fellowship. She is retired and thriving!