Sharing the Passage in the Team Hope section of Chronicles of Hope: The Archangels by Barrie Fisher, Photographer, Lightworker, Artist, and much more…

A group of 5D Alliance Lightworkers led by Lois met to bring light, love, peace, and hope to those in need, and to bring truth to members of the media. We were on a guided meditation to do this when Lois asked us to rise with our Guides… I was in the presence of two Guides, my Native American Chief and another Native American Guide who appeared to be my husband (hadn’t seen him before). I was in the middle as we swirled up, with my Golden Guides, Angels, and Archangel Michael holding space for us, and we all ascended into the sky. Lois asked to look at what was going on with our media companies. We floated down and I asked for a message. The Native American Chief said: “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” Then he said, “Let’s educate them instead of doing the same routine that humanity has always done… punish!”

So, we coaxed them kindly, and some were not happy, as we [many tribes of all cultures were present, indigenous people, Africans, the meek of the Earth, the tribes that survive off the land] taught them the ways to relate with our Earth and others on this Earth: How to grow a garden; how to find the frequency that is healing; how to ground yourself by being barefoot in the soil; to notice how water carries messages when spoken to, and how the structure of water changes depending on the words spoken; enjoy harmony, good food, good health, compassion, free energy, kindness, and LOVE. It was important to learn to slow down and see what is before you with a conscious effort; observing how one reacts to and learns from nature and one another.

Glorious gardens grew, the animals were helping to plant, as they stood by the humans’ sides in support of the coming harvest, spirits fluttered about, fairies frolicked, and everyone was at peace with a bright light illuminating the overall scene, like the perfect summer’s day. Farmhouse tables formed, everyone helped with smiles and kindness, and the food they had grown was so fresh and so filled with nutrients. The unity was palpable. The media was seeing how all this slowing down and learning was pure joy. Why would they go back to such evil and lies, as they saw and felt so much after one glorious day in Nirvana? They wanted more!

Then, a number of American Frontline Doctors appeared and glided above us as we ate, connected, and laughed. Their message was: “We carry sacred light, by being a spiritual light being. No need for white lab coats, that was a human design… that ends now! The light is from within. We all have it, so open all your gifts of God!” They all lit up the meadow and beyond with a warm loving glow. The media humans didn’t want to return, and I saw them turning toward the light rapidly. They also were dismantling the media companies with their whistleblowing ways and these companies were no longer… the world saw the truth. It was in plain sight for all to see.

I was preparing to move locations as Lois guided: I was above the farmhouse table also with my Native American Chief and my Native American husband. We swirled down (like the rotating DNA symbol moving down the chakras) and as I swirled I was gently put onto a beaded saddle, upon a magnificent horse, and my body was bejeweled in Native American tribal dress wear. I noticed my Angels and Golden Guides were on my back, like wings. We were one! Then, down came my amazing tribe, the 5D Alliance Light Warriors. They were lowered onto their glorious steads and beaded saddles, also touting the same beaded outfits, and their Guides were on their backs, also. It was a powerful sight to see, as I know we were meant for these times; there are no coincidences that we have all convened during these times. We all stood side by side in a line on our horses, in our power of pure energy, and as I looked in the eyes of each 5D Light Warrior, I said: “Feel serenity in choosing the right path to fulfill our chosen missions at this time and place.”

With a nod, in our bright colors as loving light warriors, we individually galloped gracefully into the twilight sky, knowing our mission is to help the Universe and those among it to heal! We left the others in the sunny meadow below, to enjoy the freedom of life!

Barrie Fisher Photography:

Thank you, Barrie, for sharing from your pure heart and capturing our essence so magically in your amazing photographs. Your gifts are a treat for humanity and we are blessed to call you our dear friend.