Chronicles of Hope

Be a catalyst for positive change.

Introduced on August 8, 2019

The Anquietas – BOOK 1

Today, our world is experiencing escalating and intense levels of catastrophic assaults on humanity, our animal kingdom, and our planet. Chronicles of Hope lays the foundation to circumvent this downward spiral of negativity. What if you could raise the consciousness of humanity, develop and magnify positive energies, and alter the course of the universe as we know it to promote spiritual learning and healing? In Chronicles of Hope, an unlikely source reveals how to expand positive energy and foster hope to save humanity, our world, and our planet. It details how each of us can contribute to reverse these negative energies, before hope is irretrievable.

“Our intention is to transform the darkness pervading our society by releasing the existing hate, anger, fear, greed, and despair. We bring you encouraging words of hope for humanity. The information that I have been honored and grateful to receive has proven to be powerfully insightful for me, my clients, and can be for you as well.”

Lois Hermann

Author, Chronicles of Hope

Wisdom from The Anquietas

“There will come a time in the not too distant future when civilization will balance on the edge of survival. The future is not written, but trends can be seen. If humans continue, if they do not learn from their past, they will suffer the same fate as previous civilizations.”   

Spiritual and Metaphysical

“Only human consciousness can stop the lower vibrational energies. We must make a conscious effort to increase our vibrational energy to keep out the lower energies. It is easier to allow higher vibrational energy to enter if we turn the Earth’s spiral [of negative energy] in the other direction.”  


“The worship of nature is missing from so many humans today. It is more important than they realize. If humans do not listen, they will not hear.       Nature is everything. 

The technological society is doomed to failure. When you adapt to nature … you thrive. If you try to adapt nature to you … you ultimately must fail.” 

Holistic Wellness

“People have become more isolated through technology … Bring people back together … Teach them truth … Teach them integrity … Teach them honesty. Compel them to be willing to share again … their feelings, thoughts, and their possessions.”

Meet the Author

Lois Hermann

Lois Hermann

Author, Chronicles of Hope

Lois Hermann is a Board Certified Hypnotist and Hypnosis Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher, and Multi-Registered Medical Professional. She has decades of experience in advanced hypnosis techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Spirit Release Technique (SRT). Lois has extensive experience in corporate leadership, education, and success coaching via personal sessions, seminars, webinars, and presentations. She has empowered countless clients to release their personal negativity to achieve wellness and success, and regularly shares inspiring articles and blogs to educate wider audiences.


What People Are Saying

“Like so many, I sometimes feel hopeless in that many people are ill and there’s so much from the environment that’s affecting them. Yet, Chronicles of Hope, The Anquietas, Book 1, shows us that it is possible to begin the positive shift toward wellness, which we all have the potential to contribute to, for better health for both individuals and the planet. It was so hopeful and uplifting to be reminded of the bigger picture and meaning of life, which is important for true health and wellness.”

Dr. Laura Chan

ND and LAc

Chronicles of Hope, the Anquietas, Book 1 sounds the alarm for environmentalists to wake up to the seriousness of the earth’s warming, and calls attention to the fact that we do indeed need to be very concerned about stewardship. As the temperature warms and sea levels rise, we’re not only going to have to relocate people, we’re going to have to implement the assisted migration of plants and animals. This book provides verification from a high spiritual realm that there is, however, still time for restoration and conservation. We must bring nature back. We have the tools.” 

Dr. Annelle Soponis

BCH, Ph. D in Biology

“This book is the foundation of where the world of hypnosis is headed. The quantum sciences indicate we live in a multi-dimensional world. Much of the work being done by traditional hypnotherapy doesn’t seem to take this into account. People who are spiritually oriented and open minded will find the teaching in this book to be revolutionary and well worth their time and energy to help themselves and others, not just to read but to study.”

Albert J. Marotta

MA, CHT, Transpersonal Hypnotist

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