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The first in a series, Chronicles of Hope, The Anquietas, Book 1 documents powerful messages received during multiple hypnosis sessions that answer why there are record levels of plights and negativity in the world, and how to shift the state of the world back to the positive.


  • Softcover with sections for each of the 11 hypnosis sessions: Intention, Conversation, Reflection, and Highlights, plus a Glossary of Terms.
  • 222 pages, including inspirational quotes that connect known thinkers and influencers to the wise words of the Anquietas. 
  • Also available in e-book and audio book versions.

Publication Details

Publisher: Light Publishing, An imprint of Peter E. Randall Publisher LLC Nashua, New Hampshire
ISBN – Softcover: 978-0-9971567-2-0 ISBN – E-book: 978-0-9971567-3-7 ISBN – Audio Book: 978-0-9971567-4-4
Library of Congress Control Number: to come

Media Contact

For questions, please contact Christine Snyder at [email protected] or 844-777-7812.

Press Releases

June 26, 2019

Board Certified Hypnotist Lois Hermann Hosts Event to Share New Energy Shifting Strategies to Bring Positive Change for Humanity

Chronicles of Hope Event Aims to Shift Personal Energy to Positively Affect Family, Communities, and the World at Large: 
Thursday, July 18, 2019 – Nashua, NH

August 8, 2019

“Chronicles of Hope” by Board Certified Hypnotist Lois Hermann Answers Questions on People’s Auric Energy Fields Related to State of Well Being for Individuals and World: 
Thursday, August 8, 2019