Environmental Stewardship

“The Earth is approaching a critical moment more quickly than we had predicted even some years ago. This work will be vital in determining on which side of the sword civilization will fall.”

Among environmentalists, there are never-ending debates on the state of the Earth, and the condition of the land, oceans, air, and the environment—and humanity’s effect on it all. And in turn, what are changes to the earth doing to life and civilization, and to what degree should we be concerned—as environmentalists or simply as human beings who live here. Some groups are saying since we have used much of the Earth’s resources, we’ll simply have to put up with what we have. Others aren’t at all happy with that approach. So which is it?

Chronicles of Hope, The Anquietas, Book 1, provides verification from a high spiritual realm that we are correct in being alarmed by the Earth’s warming, and the increasing pollution of the land, sea, and air. In these pages, we learn the role and importance of nature in saving our world, and the fate of the Earth due to the prevalence of technology. Environmentalists and concerned citizens alike get insight into unanswered questions on the history and evolution of life as well as the future of Earth.

Wisdom from the Anquietas

“There will come a time in the not too distant future when civilization will balance on the edge of survival. The future is not written, but trends can be seen. If humans continue, if they do not learn from their past, they will suffer the same fate as previous civilizations.”

“There is too much greed in the world. For too long, people have been told that there isn’t enough. Everything they do is based on scarcity. In truth, there is enough. There is no scarcity … there is no need for it. There is enough for everyone.”

“The worship of nature … the worship of Gaia … is missing from so many humans today. It is more important than they realize. Gaia still exists. But if humans do not listen for Her voice, they will not hear. Nature is everything. The technological society is doomed to failure. When you adapt to nature … you thrive. If you try to adapt nature to you … you ultimately must fail.”

“There is little threat to the existence of life on Earth from climatic change; however, civilization is much more fragile than life. Humanity needs to prepare for these changes, which are inexorable.” 

“Chronicles of Hope, sounds the alarm for environmentalists to wake up to the seriousness of the Earth’s warming, and calls attention to the fact that we do indeed need to be very concerned about its stewardship. As the temperature warms and sea levels rise, we’re not only going to have to relocate people, we’re going to have to implement the assisted migration of plants and animals. This book provides verification from a high spiritual realm that there is, however, still time for restoration and conservation. We must bring nature back. We have the tools.”

Dr. Annelle Soponis

Ph.D. in biology

“One aspect of the timelessness of the Chronicles of Hope… With each reading, I find revelations not remembered from prior readings, bringing deep understanding that I have grown and evolved on my spiritual journey. My Native teachings are clear that when the student is ready, the teacher will become known. Many aspects of growth…many teachers to share the journey of awareness.”

Noreen Powers

“I am not sure if I am imagining this, but it seems that I vibrate at a slightly higher level every time I read the Chronicles of Hope. I just seem to be in a happier state, and more able to sense the Great Mystery. I like the way I feel every time I read the book.”

Kent Buschle

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Comments From Our Readers

 “I felt so validated as I read the manuscript. HOWEVER it doesn’t mean that we discontinue to preach the truth and what the Ancient Spirits are hoping for us to do, and not to ignore Mother Earth’s signals about needing to stop the destruction! I’m glad that these messages came through to us to keep the torch of hope l️it strong.” 

– Elizabeth H.

“Archangel Michael says we do not need a quote from him as we are doing a good job. He gives a sense that we are dearly loved, and we are all in this together. He and his kin have never left our sides. He wants us to remember that he is speaking through us anyway. He is always here for us.”

– Archangel Michael via Team Hope Clearing Consultants