Environmental Stewardship

“Starting a trend that is beneficial is worth doing, even if the results are not obvious until several generations later.” 
                                        — Gaia                                                                    

Among environmentalists, there are never-ending debates on the state of the Earth, and the condition of the land, oceans, air, and the environment—and humanity’s effect on it all. And in turn, what are changes to the earth doing to life and civilization, and to what degree should we be concerned—as environmentalists or simply as human beings who live here. Some groups are saying since we have used much of the Earth’s resources, we’ll simply have to put up with what we have. Others aren’t at all happy with that approach. So which is it?

Chronicles of Hope: The Anquietas: Book 1, provides verification from a high spiritual realm that we are correct in being alarmed by the Earth’s warming, and the increasing pollution of the land, sea, and air. In these pages, we learn the role and importance of nature in saving our world, and the fate of the Earth due to the prevalence of technology. Environmentalists and concerned citizens alike get insight into unanswered questions on the history and evolution of life as well as the future of Earth. 

In Chronicles of Hope: The Collective: Book 2 we hear from several Wise Ones who are more connected to Earth, even from Mother Gaia herself. She tells us what we should be doing to help her to heal herself. She has the ability to heal our planet, if we would just let her to so. 


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Insight from Chronicles of Hope

“Gaia is the spirit of this planet and cares for all of you.
In some sense you are all her children.” — Jesus                    

“There is too much greed in the world. For too long, people have been told that there isn’t enough. Everything they do is based on scarcity. In truth, there is enough. There is no scarcity, there is no need for it. There is enough for everyone.” — Anquietas  

“There is little threat to the existence of life on Earth from climatic change; however, civilization is much more fragile than life. Humanity needs to prepare for these changes, which are inexorable.” — Anquietas                          

““I am the sum of the consciousness of all living things on the planet. All living things, not just humans.” — Gaia

“An important aspect is the timelessness of Chronicles of Hope. With each reading, I find revelations not remembered from prior readings, bringing deep understanding that I have grown and evolved on my spiritual journey. My Native teachings are clear that when the student is ready, the teacher will become known with many aspects of growth, many teachers to share the journey of awareness.

Following the reading of the Chronicles of Hope: The Anquietas: Book 1, I couldn’t begin to imagine the treasure being offered in this Volume. As each of the Energies responded to the call, my awareness of questions which had emerged throughout my lifelong spiritual journey was sharpened! Many of these questions have been answered, in addition to information validating my Spiritual Knowing.

Their primary message of The Golden Rule, “Do onto others as you would have others do onto you,” is the key to re-creating our world in harmony amongst all beings. This encapsulation in kindness can pave the pathway to preserving our world. Gaia is suffering, and we must consciously honor Her Spirit and her body. We cannot exist without her. We will perish, as other cultures before us have done.

The profound importance of the physical embodiment of the Arianya Spirit, here and now, is an example of the urgency to which we, those of light, must respond. We are here at this time to do this work, in joy and harmony.”

Grandmother Blue Crow

Northern Cheyenne

“Chronicles of Hope, sounds the alarm for environmentalists to wake up to the seriousness of the Earth’s warming, and calls attention to the fact that we do indeed need to be very concerned about its stewardship. As the temperature warms and sea levels rise, we’re not only going to have to relocate people, we’re going to have to implement the assisted migration of plants and animals. This book provides verification from a high spiritual realm that there is, however, still time for restoration and conservation. We must bring nature back. We have the tools.”

Dr. Annelle Soponis

Ph.D. in biology

“Inspiration and Action. The significance of these two powerful words is beautifully threaded throughout Chronicles of Hope: The Collective. During this time of a global pandemic, Lois Hermann’s latest book provides the thirsty reader with a greater understanding of how we as individuals can positively affect change for ourselves and our collective humanity. Inspiring actions, such as connecting with nature bring incredible healing, peace, and growth for us now, and give the gift of gratitude and appreciation to future generations.”

Kelly Dwyer

Owner Inner Balance Wellness Coaching, LLC, www.innerbalancewellnesscoaching.com

“I am not sure if I am imagining this, but it seems that I vibrate at a slightly higher level every time I read the Chronicles of Hope. I just seem to be in a happier state, and more able to sense the Great Mystery. I like the way I feel every time I read the book.”

Kent Buschle

Lois Hermann captivated my full attention from the moment I started reading The Chronicles of Hope: The Anquietas: Book 1. I read it from cover to cover in one day. The Collective: Book 2 built on that life-changing foundation. It was so profoundly personal and enlightening. I kept thinking as I read about different spirits – I KNOW YOU! I was able to see Jesus and His teachings from the depth of His perspective. The resonating truths are palpable. The information is uplifting and informative. The presentation is so engaging that at times I felt like I attended the session in person. This book is such an incredible gift to anyone who reads it! It’s partly a call to action and part roadmap for living a conscious life. We ARE all connected; every living thing as well as the Earth herself, the Universe, and all that is seen and unseen. Lois brought insight about our origins from the perspective of our Creators, through the eyes of their children’s children. New understandings were created while old misunderstandings were corrected. I carry in my soul love, hope, and a deep and abiding respect for the messages and the messengers.

This book is an incredible gift to anyone who reads it! It’s partly a call-to-action and partly a roadmap for living a conscious life. I was able to see Jesus and his teachings from the depth of his perspective. New understandings were created while old misunderstandings were corrected. Lois helps bring insight about our origins from the perspective of our creators through the eyes of their children’s children. The resonating truths are palpable, and the information is uplifting. The presentation is so engaging that at times I felt like I attended the session in person.”

Kathleen Kubacki

Massage Therapist, Transpersonal Hypnotist, Transpersonal Hypnotist, www.heartspring-healing.com

Comments From Our Readers

 “I felt so validated as I read the manuscript. HOWEVER it doesn’t mean that we discontinue to preach the truth and what the Ancient Spirits are hoping for us to do, and not to ignore Mother Earth’s signals about needing to stop the destruction! I’m glad that these messages came through to us to keep the torch of hope l️it strong.” 

– Elizabeth H.

“Archangel Michael says we do not need a quote from him as we are doing a good job. He gives a sense that we are dearly loved, and we are all in this together. He and his kin have never left our sides. He wants us to remember that he is speaking through us anyway. He is always here for us.”

– Archangel Michael via Team Hope Clearing Consultants