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Our mission is to save humanity for our children and our children’s children.

Our vision is to alter humanity’s course to be more positive by sharing the insights of the Collective.


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Spiritual Quest

Are you on a spiritual quest? Do you feel alone and surrounded by a sea of negativity? Have you been thinking about what is going on in the world? Are you concerned for our future? The truth is many people are being more introspective than ever. Many are asking questions. There is so much doubt, fear, and uncertainty today, with nowhere to turn for answers.

The world as we know it has indeed changed. We have embarked on a new way of living that will cause us to pause and reflect on our old way of being. Will we ever return to where we were? Should we? Or, do we reset to a new way of being… a new normal?


Navigating Change

What if you had some guidelines to navigate this change? The Wise Ones of the Collective have given us specific guidelines to live our lives with the coming of a new age, a new era of peace. If you are one who loves to explore the mysteries of the unseen around us, and if you are thinking more seriously about life, we offer an amazing support group that gives you an opportunity to safely explore.

In Chronicles of Hope – The Anquietas – Book 1, we learned how negative energy can impact our lives and the importance of shifting our energy to be more positive. The Anquietas sounded the alarm that we need to do something to shift our energy before it is too late.

The Wise ones of the Collective in Book 2, bring us timely messages that are deeply relevant to what is happening with humanity during this unprecedented time. We are living in challenging days that affect each of us in different ways. With so many fears and worries, we wonder what will come of our lives, our country, and our world.


Safe Place

If you wish to discover more of who you are and where you are going, we invite you to join our Inspiring Hope Community. This is a place to learn and grow, to inquire and explore, to discuss and share. We invite open conversation on thoughts, ideas, and inspiration from many spiritual sources, including the timely messages given in the Chronicles of Hope series. You are invited to listen, and reflect on what resonates with you, or participate in inspiring discussions with the author, Lois Hermann and the amazing members of Team Hope.

In this online meeting-place, we explore a myriad of spiritual concepts for personal growth and enlightenment. Feel comfortable sharing thoughts and ideas in this safe and respectful space, or enjoy our lively exchanges that invite energetic and spiritual awareness for positive growth. We honor everyone who meets with us as listeners, observers, and active participants. Everyone is equally welcome.


Inspiring Hope Community

You are never alone. In our Inspiring Hope Community, we support each other and welcome those who wish to live a life of truth, honesty, and integrity. We come together to encourage each other in a place of community that is based on kindness and compassion. We hope to experience a shift in our world toward a helpful place of mindfulness, strength, and acknowledgment. We hope you will join us.

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Share and Receive

In this safe space, we connect with like-minded folks who share the intention of supporting each other on this journey of life. It is through exploring, learning, and developing that we will shift our world to be more positive. Together, we share and receive the following:

1. Spiritual connection – enjoy a safe place to listen, share, inquire, and be with likeminded people.

2. Special Highlights – discover private excerpts of the Chronicles of Hope book series to review, reflect on, and discuss.

3. Protective bubble – learn how to clear yourself to maintain personal protection from negative energy.

4. Sacred space – learn how to clear and maintain positive energy in your own space.

5. Guided journeys – travel on guided journeys to receive your own inner guidance.

6. Roadmap for Hope – navigate daily stress with this map given by the Anquietas in Book 1.

7. Guidelines for Living – empower yourself with insights revealed by the Collective in Book 2.

8. Private Facebook Group – share uplifting posts, messages, and meeting videos.

Join us as we continue this adventure of hope for humanity. Click the button below to register. Together, we can be catalysts for positive change as we bring a message of hope to our world.


Much Gratitude & Many Blessings,

Lois Hermann & Team Hope

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“If we can each get two people on the right path and they get two people,

it will take little time to start a surge of energy among people.

We can make the turn-around faster by starting sparks.”
– Anquietas

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