8/8 – Lion’s Gate – Chronicles of Hope anniversary.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s been done in such a short time:

2016 – 2018 – Channeled sessions with Gary.

8/8/2019Chronicles of Hope: The Anquietas: Book 1 published.
Readers Favorite Award.
Chronicles website created.
Introduction party hosted.
Hope Community Gathering started.
Energy Clearing & Alignment Training developed.
Inspiring Hope Radio Show first aired.
Chronicles social sites and postings.

8/8/2020 – Chronicles of Hope: The Collective: Book 2 published.
International #1 Best Seller award. 
Team Hope – Lightworker Alliance started.
ECA Consultant team clearings.
Inspiring Hope presentations.

8/8/2022 – Chronicles of Hope: The Archangels: Book 3 published.
International #1 Best Seller award. 
LEIT – Lightworker Energy Integrity Training.
ECA Foundation Programs established.
Truth Tour presentations.

8/8/2023 – Academy of Light established.
ECA Training Certification Programs created.
Chronicles Mugs designed.
Inspiring Hope podcasts.

It sure has been a busy time!
Thank you to all who have contributed.
Stay tuned… there’s much more to come…

Many Blessings,
Lois Hermann & Team Hope