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Chronicles of Hope:
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The Collective: Book 2

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Chronicles of Hope:
The Archangels: Book 3

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Chronicles of Hope: The Archangels: Book 3
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Reviews of Chronicles of Hope

“If you are not familiar with spiritual language, it may be difficult to grasp some of the concepts of this book. However, the guidance, wisdom, and advice are clear. Listen to the overall message. Focus on the meaning of the words. There needs to be a world shift soon or humanity’s time left on Earth may be limited. Rather than judge, listen to these profound, groundbreaking insights that can guide us into a new era of safer times. We, the readers, will finish this story. The fate of humanity depends on the readers of Chronicles of Hope.

Caroline Snyder

Holistic Health Advocate and Teenage Blogger, www.carewithcaro.com

…a true believer, one who accepts our coexistence as both human and transcendent, with access to even greater knowledge and revelation by way of even higher transcendent beings – in this case through channeled sessions prompted within deep hypnosis – such a reader will find the material in this book permeating their awareness, thereby leading them toward increasing positivity and health.

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Joel R. Dennstedt

Readers' Favorite

I am in a state of gratitude and awe as I formulate my thoughts, ideas, and impressions in order to write this review of “Chronicles of Hope: The Collective: Book 2 written by Lois Hermann.

I have the utmost respect and admiration for the courage it took to write such a powerful, insightful, awe-inspiring, and life-altering book. The Collective shared such insight and guidance for the benefit of humanity at a critical tipping point of our existence. We (humanity) are left with very clear choices and solutions to save humanity and restore our planet and live with hope, peace, and love.

Each one of us views our world through our personal prism, which forms from our history, family, and life experiences. This perspective is important and valuable; however, I would invite everyone who reads this book to set aside your personal prism and formed perspective. Approach this book with childlike innocence and allow your spirit (soul) to be open to all the possibilities that “The Collective’s” messages bring to you. Then, if you choose, bring these lessons and insights into your own life. You will then vibrate at a higher frequency filled with light and hope and this will in turn have a rippling effect to other lives you touch.”

Christine Peck

Transpersonal Hypnotist, [email protected]

Chronicles of Hope is an expansive cosmic book for understanding existence and its universal truths. Lois Hermann, working in concert with Gary Scott, has done a magnificent job of chronicling the vast channeled messages through Gary to create a panoramic book that unveils profound universal secrets. Working in hypnotic trance, these secrets are revealed one after another in a captivating book that plumbs the depths and soars to the heights of conscious existence.

Many questions that have puzzled humanity for ages are answered; an understanding of spirits, vibrational levels, the true nature of divinity, the creation of Earth, ancient civilizations and their mysteries, the nature of negativity and its solutions, the evolution of earth, and how to transform the challenges of our world now—all this and much more grace the pages of this book.

It is obvious that Lois Hermann has devoted every fiber of her being to this project. And we can only wish her huge success with her life mission and work on this planet.

Marilyn Gordon

B.C.H., C.I.

“With the world in such a state of disarray, this book is right on time. The messages speak truth to our true nature as human beings. The messages are profound and inspiring, encouraging every one of us to explore ourselves deeper. We must truly ask who we are and what is our purpose here as a human collective. It was wonderfully written and keeps you engaged and wanting more with each chapter. I am already craving insights from Book 3.”

Justin Etling

Recovery and Spiritual Teacher, Author, Founder of Ascend Video Virtual Communities, www.ascend2u.com

I would say for me that the most striking piece for me personally was the affirmation and reminder that …. we are not alone. It was so supportive to be reminded about all the support guides we have around us and just asking for help is sometimes all we need to do. Of course, I was reminded about the “nasties” energies as well, but the support of the higher energies superseded that concern. So Session 8 was particularly relevant to me. Also, I enjoyed the talk about energy protection, once again as a reinforcement of what I have been doing.

I would say to someone in the wellness arena: this book is a bold reminder that wellness is a multi-dimensional experience, one that crosses all time and space boundaries that we have forgotten as we have moved deeper into this human life experience.

Karen Cerato

OT/L, RMT, RYT, NH Health & Wellness Center

“Lois Hermann’s latest book, Chronicles of Hope: The Collective is a second in her series. After the Anquietas, it is an insightful update on her hypnosis sessions with a client channeling messages from the upper level of existence. God, Jesus, and other religions are present throughout. Lois takes you along on a journey to receive messages full of empathy, forgiveness, and callings to wake you up. This wonderful book is about embracing the whole cosmos, opening the mind to find solutions to change at all levels. It encourages you to take action built on the messages from the universe. Read it, respond to it, rescue the world.”

Dr. Petra Frese, BCH, CI

Mental Coach, Award-Winning Best-Selling Author, www.petrafrese.com, Your Script for Hope

I found this book extremely interesting and hard to put down. I learned how to protect our positive energy and delete negative energy, and discovered that assistance is all around us. All we need to do is ask for it. This is a great resource for all hypnotists and energy workers. There’s loads of detail, and it was told exactly as it was. Thank you, Lois,  for sharing.

Tommy Vee

CI, CCH, Valley Hypnosis

“The greatest books are the books that change people’s lives. They tell the world something it needs to hear, even if it challenges everything that was thought to be true. Chronicles of Hope: The Collective is exactly that book!” 

Read Chantelle’s heartwarming Foreword in Chronicles of Hope: The Collective here.

Chantelle Renee

Hypnotist & Author, Aligning with the Divine

Do you think outside the box? Have you awoken and are open minded to learn more about humanity and its journey? Then this book is for you. Author Lois Hermann was gracious enough to allow me a pre-read of her new book Chronicles of Hope and you can pre-order it right now.

Tom Nicoli

Master Hypnotist, A Better You Hypnosis Center