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Lois Hermann

Lois Hermann

Lois Hermann is a Board Certified Hypnotist, Certified Instructor through the National Guild of Hypnotists, and a Certified NLP Trainer with the National Federation for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). A Reiki Master-Teacher and multi-registered medical professional, Lois has decades of experience in advanced hypnosis techniques, specializing in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping), Energy Clearing & Alignment (ECA), and NLP.

For many years, Lois has conducted highly effective Success Coaching programs that help clients discover ways to achieve success using the power of their mind. She has guided numerous business professionals to the next level via individual or group sessions, and is often invited to present to groups and teams on various topics, including stress to success, rapport building, organization skills, confidence, motivation, powerful public speaking, and more.

For decades, Lois has assisted one-on-one clients, both children and adults, in-person and remotely via Zoom with various issues related to stress, fears, worries, weight control, sleep issues, nightmares, relationship dynamics, and much more. Her clients learn to empower themselves and connect with their amazing mind to establish a new mindset, positive patterns, new habits, along with healthy personal and professional practices.

As a leading Certified Hypnosis Instructor, Lois has trained many individuals on a personal level to use hypnosis to empower themselves and their families, and helped holistic practitioners to expand their practices through hypnosis. She is passionate about sharing her skills, techniques, and tools to help individuals achieve success and wellness, as well as helping professionals to better assist their clients and patients. With her diverse background and experience, her classes are always organized, engaging, and interesting.

For 40 years, Lois enjoyed an extensive career as an award-winning pioneer in the field of diagnostic ultrasound as an international corporate trainer, systems designer, and clinical director. In addition, she holds several patents for ultrasound system design.

Lois is a frequent speaker at industry events and conferences, including the National Guild of Hypnotists Annual Convention, the Heartland Hypnosis Conference, the HypnoBiz Global Virtual Summit, the National Association for Transpersonal Hypnotherapists, and other professional conferences. She has published numerous works, including monthly blogs and the historic mystery, The Spirits of Amoskeag – The Wounded Heroes of the Manchester Mills.

Gary Scott

Gary Scott is an accomplished software engineer with over thirty years of experience in software architecture, design, and implementation for network systems and applications. He has a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in computer science from Boston University. Struggling with life-long sleep issues, Gary tried hypnosis for the first time in 2016 to seek relief. His hypnosis sessions led to the incredible connections with the Ancient Ones, and the insights that are detailed in the Chronicles of Hope.

We truly appreciate Gary for his role as the conduit for this important information and honor his request to remain anonymous.