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How are you enjoying this warm summer weather? I am enjoying the warmth of the sunshine, and I am excited to be celebrating the completion of Book 2 in the Chronicles of Hope™ series! Chronicles of Hope: The Collective will be available in Kindle on Amazon for only $1.00 only on that special day – 8/8 – so great!

Here is a brief description of the book:

Chronicles of Hope: The Collective shares channeled messages from a collective of wise spirits of the unseen world who teach us how to raise our vibrational rate, shifting our energy to be more positive – to heal ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world. In this timely compilation of ageless wisdom, we hear from an ancient God, a beloved prophet, a little known Goddess, a misunderstood Archangel, the Spirit of the Universe, and the Spirit of the Earth, our Mother Gaia. Whatever your beliefs, these spiritual beings are concerned humanity will soon be its own undoing. If we listen, however, they are ever-willing to assist us in saving this precious planet and the life that lives in, on, and around her.

I am overjoyed by the heartfelt responses from our first reviewers.

Here is a sample of what some are saying:

“Chronicles of Hope: The Collective brought unity to my psychic consciousness and was a spiritual transformation. It not only changed the game; it altered the outcome of the entire championship. This book describes how the Ancient Ones desire to bring wisdom, sustainability, and unity to our beloved planet and its inhabitants. Regrettably, they are seeing ignorance, environmental decline, and large inequities in the makeup of our societies‒largely due to greed, hoarding, and injustice. However, we can all do something to bring about a positive change. Read this book. Join the Collective.”

Neil Helm, PhD
Scholar in Residence (Ret.), Atlantic University, Virginia Beach, Virginia, [email protected]

“I have followed hypnosis colleague, Lois Hermann, with fascination through her books, the Spirits of Amoskeag, and then Chronicles of Hope: The Anquietas: Book 1, and now Chronicles of Hope: The Collective: Book 2. Chronicles of Hope addresses the serious concerns that many of us feel about the direction that our country, and even the entire world is heading. Like the fabled Atlantis, we too face multiple serious dangers from our own mad scientists driven by corporate greed or thoughts of military advantage that tinker with geo-engineering, bioterrorism, gene splicing, nanotechnology, 5G, and vaccines. Even without considering multiple human injustices, riots, and the explosive political climate, any one of these other dangers could cause unforeseen consequences with humanity itself becoming extinct unless major changes are made now. We are, as the Spirits attest, almost at the tipping point.

The spiritual beings that have come through Gary Scott tell us that our worst fears are justified. Yet, they cannot intervene. No outside force is coming to save us. We must get off the couch and learn to work together to handle these challenges. If not, our civilization and the human species will vanish. And while they tell us that we must save ourselves, they assure us that we have the power to turn things around. They will support us.

In this atmosphere of looming doom, hope is very much needed. It will come as we step into our own power, with each person doing whatever is theirs to do, seeking and following their own inner guidance. It will come as we deliberately look for and collaborate with others doing their part. Mutual support is key. Healing our own issues so that we do not demonize others is a part. Honoring the Earth and nature is a part. Thinking of the consequences of everything we do, or do not do is a part. As these spirits tell us, humans are ONE species. And we are all connected, not just with all of humanity, but with the planet and everything on it.

I sincerely hope that those reading this latest book will take the warnings seriously and do something now. I thank Lois and Gary for bringing this material forth, and I look forward to Book 3 already in the works.

Roxanne Louise
Hypnotherapist, Recipient of 7 National Hypnosis Awards, National Speaker and Author
Former President of the American Society of Dowsers,

“As one reads Chronicles of Hope: The Collective, you are sitting right there next to them – the premier Counselors of our entire existence. Lois and Team Hope were undeniably visited by these sages and entrusted with their messages. This book places the reader in the front row, amplifying the most important and compelling messages of our time and for our generations to come. The invitation is palpable: pause, reflect, consider, and act. Each of us has the power to change the world for the better and this insightful and inspired book provides a recipe for hope and success.”

It is as though we are each sitting there amongst these wise sages, listening to their every word being spoken directly to us.” Lois and Team Hope poignantly capture the essences, emotions, and words of each Wise One in this fruitful book. If you have the courage to read to the end, you will be endowed with both truth and knowledge to empower you beyond where you have ever been. You cannot help being infused with hope, feeling gifted with tools that ultimately will help humanity avoid extinction and rise to the next level.

Chronicles of Hope: The Collective – there couldn’t be a more perfect name for this poignant account of the exact words of our divine ancestors. If you have been confused by biblical parables and conflicting messages about right and wrong, this book can allay your misperceptions, giving you real hope. There is truth in our ancestral teachings; Lois and Team Hope have accurately captured these truths in this well-laid out book. It is easy to read, easy to reference, and easy to remember its teachings.  Be blessed as you read each page or consult the last pages for daily reminders and inspiration.”

Melinda Tourangeau
Author, Motivational Speaker

My deepest gratitude to these wonderful people and others who shared their sincere comments that have warmed my heart. Hopefully, they will inspire you to be open to the messages shared in this book series. Read more reviews on our website.

Special date – 8/8 – Purchase on Amazon for $1.00 rate!

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Many Blessings for a Happy, Healthy, and Hopeful Summer,

Lois Hermann & Team Hope


“You have been granted audiences with the oldest spirits within me.
Listen to those words and pass them on. Take them into your own heart
and try to get others to do the same.”

– Spirit of the Universe, Chronicles of Hope – The Collective – Book 2



Chronicles of Hope: The Collective: Book 2 – For SALE
Save the Date: 8/8 – Buy it on Amazon for a Special $1.00 Rate!

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