by Christine B. Snyder

Attention spiritual seekers! If that’s you, put your seat belt on! I used to wonder why the world is so broken in so many aspects, and how can we possibly heal when it seems to be getting worse. My questions have been answered, and my hope restored. It has been my true honor to serve as Editor for the last several months on this book project that has the ingredients to help heal the world – individually and collectively – both humans and our planet.

This project was not easy for me, however, as it challenged life-long beliefs that were taught, engrained and I’ve practiced throughout my life. Throughout this book, though I realized more fully that when we question what we know, invite in new ideas, look from other’s perspectives, explore new ways of thinking, and agree and disagree with respect – we positively evolve, change, and grow in ways we could never envision. And, isn’t that what life is about? Growth?

For many involved in this project, myself included, we were specifically called to this work and mission. The messages of wisdom in this book have been life-changing and a positive lifeline of hope. However, in my circle of family and friends here, I know this is not for everyone. These words may cause you to question your beliefs around the evolution of the world, life and death, God, angels, and all that is unseen. If you are comfortable, fulfilled, and firm in your faith journey and spiritual or religious practices, and are not looking to explore, this book is not for you. One of the lessons that I have come to understand is the importance of respecting all others where they are or are not in their life journeys and faith, and spiritual practices.

This book is for spiritual seekers and those interested in exploring the restorative process our planet and world must undergo. If you enjoy exploring and expanding your spiritual knowledge and life on Earth as well as the unseen world, this book is for you! It also presents ways for you to consider how to help put this world back onto a path of healing, the calling, and mission of the book’s author, Lois Hermann. You can purchase the e-Book for a special $1 rate on Saturday, 8/8 (special rate applies to 8/8 only). Sign up here to receive the $1 rate. If you do purchase and read it, as Editor who immensely enjoyed working on this labor of love and healing, I’d love your feedback.

Christine Snyder is a dedicated member of Team Hope, editor, public relations coach, dear friend, and positive force for this mission. She is a passionate mother who has helped her daughter heal from debilitating Lyme and other misdiagnosed diseases through integrative holistic practices and has seen the value of the clearing work we do first hand. Please find more wonderful blogs from both her and her incredible daughter, Caroline Snyder, at