The books are on their way!We are busy preparing for the Chronicles of Hope Pre-Launch Book Event on Thursday, July 18, 2019, 6–8 p.m. in Nashua, NH where you can be the first to receive your signed copy! I can’t wait to share how the ancient wisdom that I gathered through several hypnosis sessions with my client, Gary Scott, has transformed my life and the lives of others who have come in contact with the messages provided. This free event promises energetic dialogue, book signing, food and drinks, door prizes, fun, and much more. The event is filling fast, so if you are interested, RSVP soon to hold your spot:
Watch our new Introductory Video where I describe this incredible journey of Inspiring Hope. This is the first video in our upcoming series. Stay tuned!
Feedback on the book continues to roll in, and I am particularly honored to have two very special women provide their thoughts on Chronicles of Hope. Petra Frese, a hypnotherapist and author of Your Script for Hope said, “Lois and Gary make it possible to question traditional and generally accepted assumptions about the origin of life, faith, and hope. More than that, they deliver a recipe for hope that is so desperately needed in today’s world to transform our existing one into a better place. If we all are working together, we can grow and generate a healthy environment filled with peace, love, and joy.” Thank you, dear Petra. Chronicles of Hope is indeed all about delivering a recipe for hope.
Chantelle Renee, hypnotist, and author of Aligning with the Divine said this, “Chronicles of Hope is an engaging look at the world of spirituality, life’s great mysteries, and the power we all hold as human beings. It opens the door for your self-discovery of love, forgiveness, and healing. It is a beautiful, coherent book for those who are looking for more truth about who we really are and who are seeking a deeper understanding of the meaning of life.” Thank you, dear Chantelle. It is our hope that Chronicles of Hope will serve to inspire others on their journey. 
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My recent guest spot on an episode of the K8 4 Wellness podcast was lots of fun. I talked a good bit about how to deal with negative energy. Please listen at:
If you are unavailable to attend the Pre-Launch Book Event and wish to purchase Chronicles of Hope, you can pre-order it on the website and it may actually ship before the official book release date! Visit:
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I look forward to seeing you at the Pre-Launch Book Event!
Blessings of Hope,

Lois Hermann & Team Hope