Inspiring Hope
Community of Light

A space to explore insights from Chronicles of Hope

Our mission is to save humanity for our Children and our Children’s Children.

Our vision is to alter humanity’s negative course by making available the knowledge and insights of the Collective.

If you are inspired or intrigued by the messages in Chronicles of Hope and would like to continue on a path of discussion and discovery. Learn how you can make a difference. Join the Inspiring Hope Community of Light. This positive, online space is for open and dynamic discussion on exploring the insights of the book. Our goal is to shift humanity and our precious planet to more positive energy. Together, we can be catalysts for positive change. 

What is the Inspiring Hope Community of Light?

  • The Inspiring Hope Community of Light is for spiritually, metaphysically, and opened minded people. 
  • This members-based discussion group explores the messages and highlights in Chronicles of Hope.
  • Online discussions are led by Author Lois Hermann and other Team Hope members via Zoom meeting.
  • Participants log in via video meeting or call-in with opportunities to ask questions and join the discussion..
  • Members meet the 1st Tuesday and 3rd Thursday of each month from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. ET.
  • Membership is by subscription. You choose your monthly investment, which can be changed as you wish with a $10/month minimum.

The Inspiring Hope Community is a Lois Hermann & Associates, LLC program. A portion of the proceeds from the Inspiring Hope Community supports our Sponsorship Programs, which assists those with limited financial resources to receive in-person and/or remote energy clearing services and sessions.

Benefits of Membership

  • A unique opportunity to meet regularly with like-minded people to discuss topics and ask questions regarding Chronicles of Hope.
  • Meet one-on-one with Lois Hermann to gain insights on applying these messages into your daily life so you too can make a difference.
  • Recorded sessions available for those who wish to listen or re-listen at their convenience. (At the gym, driving to work, etc.)
  • Access to our VIP Mastermind Facebook Group to regularly connect with like minded individuals and share your thoughts. 
  • Sneak peeks into Book 2, Gods, Archangels & Masters – Spirits who encourage us based on their experiences on Earth.
  • Handy reference cards for the Protective Bubble and Roadmap for Hope.
  • Special Bonus: Lois Hermann’s Magic of Gratitude video program.
  • Receive uplifting, positive encouragement with lots of fun! 

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Sign up today and receive the month of August free! Get involved in this inspiring community and be a catalyst for positive change.  

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Wisdom from the Anquietas

If we can each get two people on the right path and they get two people, it will take little time to start a surge of energy among people. We can make the turn-around faster by starting sparks.