Sophia, a client of mine, says this:

“The net collective energy is shifting constantly, which is why consistent affirmation of the reality we want is imperative. Chronicles of Hope is powerful in that it is elevating a portion of the consciousness that needed a further boost and is fundamentally an important contribution to humanity.

This said, in addition to the lessons learned in the book, as paradoxical as it seems, there’s some benefit in abandoning the concept of ‘it being too late.’ In a sense, what this means is, visualizing and feeling the mindset of this new book bringing about total peace on earth.

It can feel contradictory given the intensity of global energies or in some ways delusional, but the reality is it’s intentional. Again, energies are shifting. Peace is happening now, healing is happening now, the minority who are collectively holding the light are lifting/counterbalancing the rest. We are growing in strength and number. The benefit is a butterfly effect. This is happening unconsciously through telepathic communication and is being manifested in our physical reality if we continue to believe and actively look for the evidence.

Cosmic helpers are protecting, healing, and clearing, as well. We also are all literally bringing divinity through us. Our internal reality is being reflected externally, which is why consistently cultivating self-love and self-forgiveness, while letting go of the old on first a personal level, is what is equally critical to the collective mission. We’re setting templates, together. We are all recharging for the action that we’ll individually take. It feels like we’re taking turns in this process, so there’s really a balance happening.

I know this message is likely redundant, but sometimes it helps in hearing the message again and reaffirming that we are not alone.”

Sophia N., Paolo Alto, CA