What Matters Most?

Traditionally, we set aside one day each year to celebrate a giving of thanks for all that we have and hope for. On Thanksgiving Day, we usually come together as family and friends to share time, food, memories, conversation, and aspirations with one another. In spite of all the chaos that has happened and is still happening in this year 2020, we must hold the energy of gratitude even stronger in our hearts… now, more than ever. And we must make the attitude of gratitude an everyday event, far beyond the idea that gratitude is reserved only for one day each year.

With the uncertainty in our world, we must focus our energy on celebrating all that is good in our lives and hold these things sacred. We must make time to express gratitude for the historic heroes who have dedicated their lives to our freedom, in order that we may benefit by living our lives in peace. We must hold fast to the honorable ideals we have been raised with… truth, honesty, and integrity, lest these freedoms be stripped from us. We must lift our voices in prayer to support those who are standing steadfast to bring peace to our world. Let us come together as one in humanity, to lift our voices, our prayers, and our positive intentions. As we shine the light of love so brightly, it WILL serve to shift the darkness that is pervading so much of our society.

Clearing the Darkness

Over the past thirty years, I have dedicated my life to clearing the darkness, the negative energy surrounding people, families, and places. I am truly blessed to be surrounded and supported by a team of amazing lightworkers who delve into the shadow with me to help others. This dedicated team of spiritual friends and associates are able to see the energy in and around people. Together, we work with the angelic realm to clear the darkness and bring in the light. I call them my “A-Team”, my Angel Team.

Over the past several months, our team has expanded our vision to observe what is happening on a broader scale. We can see, sense, and feel the energy surrounding individuals, groups, communities, states, countries, and the world. I must tell you that right now, the battle of good vs. evil is raging before our eyes. Our team clearly sees the insidious darkness pervading those of one camp with the intention of pitting one person against another, and the end game of controlling humanity through fear, anger, isolation, and division. We also appreciate the incredible protective white light that radiates in and around those who are the truth seekers, the courageous ones who are standing up for humanity against all odds.

This battle of good vs. evil is raging before our very eyes. This IS the battle our powerful Guides from the Chronicles of Hope book series have spoken of so often: the battle of love vs. hate, peace vs. anger, compassion vs. greed. It is happening RIGHT NOW. When I first experienced the channeled sessions with the Wise Guides in 2017 and chronicled them in Books 1 and 2, I sensed an urgency in their tone of voice, yet my mind had placed the timeframe at maybe 25 or 100 years in the future. Their sense of urgency drove me to publish the books as quickly as possible. However, l now know that the urgency refers to what is happening in our world TODAY.

The Tipping Point

The Guides often referred to the “tipping point” of humanity and the fact that it is coming much faster than predicted. In Book 2, Aurora tells us that the world as we know it is heading for an end and we don’t realize how little time is left. Rae says that no world is at such a tipping point right now as Earth. Jesus tells us that we are on an accelerating curve, but we haven’t reached the point that it cannot be corrected. However, that point is NOW. What my team and others are clearly seeing is the “tipping point” of humanity is upon us RIGHT NOW! Many are aware that we are indeed mired in the war of good vs. evil and feel helpless as to what to do about it.

There are many others on this planet who are completely blind as to what is going on around us. Some think of themselves as spiritual, yet spew hate, anger, ridicule, blame, and shame at others who hold different viewpoints. Where is the spirituality in that kind of low-level abuse? A few days ago, I was verbally attacked by an esteemed man who claimed to be very spiritual. Yet, his aggressive demeanor and condescending attitude spoke to his real truth, which was far from spiritual.

Our Guides tell us we must come from a place of compassion and kindness toward others, to invite people to question long-standing beliefs and be there to assist as they shift their energy toward an expanded state of peace. Yet when we encounter ones who embody anger, hate, and the need to control others, we must realize they are not ready for spiritual awakening. One must be truly open before they will accept assistance and will only serve to drain other’s energy. Since there is nothing the spiritually aware can do, we must protect our energy from the negative by limiting their toxic exposure. We must walk away… until they are ready. I recently heard someone say that spirituality is not just about rainbows, unicorns, and fairies… true spiritual warriors must stand up for truth, integrity, and honesty without name-calling or degrading others. Think of Jesus or Gandhi. We are told that the meek shall inherit the earth, yet meek does not mean weak. Nor does it mean sheep. We must break free of mental programming, trust our own minds, and stand for the truth we know in our hearts and souls. We invite others to question what they have been programmed to believe and learn to think for themselves.

Lightworker Alliance

There are many aware people who are dedicated to humanity, to what is honest, right, and true… yet feel hopeless and helpless as to what to do. Their voices are censored, blocked, and drowned out by the dark side. We watch the corruption pervading, invading, and tearing apart our society and desecrating our world. To these people… we say hold on to the light of hope. Raise your energy by doing what you love, enjoy a fun show, listen to uplifting music, embrace the goodness of nature, and surround yourself with like-minded friends. Collectively, if we keep our energy strong and uplifted, we WILL make a difference. It only takes a small number of lightworkers to shift the darkness pervading our world.

Our Angel team has expanded to form a larger Lightworker Alliance who has been meeting regularly. We clearly see beyond the veil of illusion. We are doing what we can to shift the darkness, to shine the light of truth for all to see… and inspire others by planting seeds of hope for humanity. We completely see the battle of light and dark infecting humanity. We KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt what is going on in this drama that is playing out before our eyes. We hold strong in our work to shine the light of truth on the shadow side that I have been speaking about for months now. Know in your hearts that the light of truth will win. Our spiritual guides are ever with us for support and want us to trust the process.

Insights from Archangel Azrael, Angel of Death

Last week, as I began transcribing sessions planned for Chronicles, Book 3, I realized that the information and insights shared by these Wise Guides are so timely and vitally critical that I need to share them with you NOW. In a session with Archangel Azrael, the Angel of Death, he specifically references the political situation we are currently experiencing in 2020. What I have come to realize over the recent events in our history is that their messages are more incredibly timely than I had ever expected.

Azrael tells us to look at what the early Americans achieved via revolution. Evolution would be much simpler, if only we could wait until those who would choose to control the masses have passed over. However, there are so many in the evil swamp of destruction and desecration that the concept of allowing the process of evolution to occur is no longer an option.

Azrael suggests that the people must rise up against our oppressors as our American founding fathers did. These were the individual people who stood against the establishment, which at the time was the royalty of England. We are now facing the battle of the common people against the long-standing political elite whose plan has been to enslave the masses for their own power and fortune. Look to the oppression of the common people that is going on by dictators in other countries of the world. This is where America is headed. Look beyond the obvious and pay attention!

We must rise up against the negative forces to embrace the power of the light of truth. We must join together as warriors of light to encourage a spiritual and political revolution to free the people of corruption before it is too late! We must hold onto hope that the light will win. Azrael also says: “There is the issue of the Mother Spirit for your world, which you call Gaia. Her patience is vast, but not infinite. You already see signs of what is happening. She may take the decision out of your hands. We cannot say one way or the other if that would happen, or what the effect might be if it did… We have a particular fondness for humanity. We would not like to see it perish, and so we offer this help to you.”

Let us raise our energy with the attitude of gratitude for what we hold dear. Join in sending love, light, and blessings to those who are championing our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Blessings to You in Deepest Gratitude,

Lois Hermann & Team Hope

“The message is important, and you do have to get it out there,
and you have to get it out there quickly.
Humanity doesn’t realize how little time it has left.”
– Aurora, Goddess of the Dawn
Chronicles of Hope: The Collective

This is where we could be heading…