Truth, Honesty & Integrity are Hallmarks of a Great Civilization

During these winter months, I have been writing Book 2 of Chronicles of Hope and a common theme seems to present itself. Various spiritual beings, from Jesus to others in the Collective of Ancient Ones, tell us that a civilization based on hate, anger, and greed will destroy itself. We must look to each other with a sense of community, and come from a place of truth, honesty, and integrity. We must support each other from a place of positive energy instead of coming from a position of rage, destruction, and inner loathing. These Wise Ones remind us that historically, political leaders have used people’s hatred to build empires that destroyed thousands of innocent lives. They achieved power by enraging innocent people who ended up following them because of their own inner anger.

I have learned much listening to my Guides’ grave concerns for humanity’s outcome. Our civilization’s future is influenced by us all. I have been asked to remind people to take note of what is true in their hearts. The loudest activists can be like bullies who get noticed when their intention comes from hate, power, and greed. Those quieter people who come from a place of peace and true concern for our people can go largely unnoticed. Many people act like spoiled children who have not gotten their way, throwing temper tantrums, and playing the blame game, instead of coming from a place of integrity, putting aside differences, and working together to help our society grow.

We have all encountered people who react to situations from a place of deep anger, unleashing their venom on innocent people. We must learn to not take their strong reactions personally. The anger they are emitting is coming from their inner negativity and the problem lies with them. It is often challenging for gentle people to avoid taking it into their hearts and deflect others’ venom. Yet that is what we must do. When we come from a place of truth, honesty, and integrity, we refuse to engage in their drama and respond from a place of inner peace. One of my favorite quotes is from A Course In Miracles: “Would you rather be right or be happy?” Choose to be happy.

Seeing so much anger in our world filled with public dissention is largely why I have been called to host the positive radio show, Inspiring Hope with Lois Hermann. We shine the light on the everyday people who are helping others to stay positive in a world filled with division. I am spotlighting these individuals so that listeners have an opportunity to hear the upside of humanity. You are welcome to listen to all episodes of the show on my Facebook page or on my new YouTube channel. We all need regular sprinklings of positivity to divert our minds from succumbing to the anxiousness created by the loud, noisy, obnoxious sounds coming from various places. Let’s keep our hearts filled with light, joy, and uplifting thoughts to come together as a Community of Hope.


Native Cultures Respect Mother Earth and All Her Beings

Kent Buschle, guest on the radio show, Inspiring Hope with Lois Hermann:

Native cultures have always known and shown respect for Mother Earth, each other, and all sentient beings. From trees, to animals, to rocks and earth, our Mother Earth cares for and provides all we need. We need to get out in nature to be inspired by her. Even though it is cold outside, we can plan for a garden in the spring or watch the birds at the feeders. Especially now that the bears are hibernating, we can feed the birds and watch their colorful antics. Take a minute each morning to open your arms to the day and say good morning to the Earth, the trees, the sleeping flowers, and the small animals. Breathe in the fresh air and start the day with gratitude.

My dear friend Kent Buschle knows the meaning of gratitude. He lives his life based on the old ways of honoring nature and each other. He inspires me as he is dedicated to honoring Native ways. He was looking for a better way to live in this world and discovered that Native Healing Circles made him feel so much deeper, more grounded, and better inside. There were amazing elders who guided him and shared ways to make choices that resonate with the human spirit. We should follow our heart because our spirit knows what is right. If something doesn’t feel good, get in touch with your feelings. If it feels right in your heart and mind, know it is right for you.

Kent learned how to meditate and as he’s grown, what inspires him today is different than when he first started on his healing quest. Now, he feels happy helping others and being with people who are happy. He finds happiness in nature and showing compassion.

Native American Healing Circles helped him become a happy human being, and now hosts a healing circle in his area monthly. In a traditional Native American Healing Circle, all come together as equals. Each must be present to listen and show compassion for each other. The act of helping others can be profound; even miracles are seen to happen.

Kent has been instrumental from the beginning of the Team Hope project and contributed much to the creation of the Book 1 manuscript. He discovered that every time he read the manuscript, he shifted, his vibration increased, and he loves the vibration of truth in the book. With Kent’s attention to detail and his inquisitive nature, he has been involved in assisting with the creation of Book 2 as well. I value his opinion and appreciate his heart-felt passion for helping people to come from a place of peace, integrity, and honesty.

One of Kent’s favorite quotes from Book 1 is, “Humans have lost our way and need to share our feelings, thoughts, and possessions.” The messages of truth and honoring our Mother Earth in this book series are closest to what the Native Americans believe. The indigenous people know the spiritual nature of everything. They understand that our living planet, Mother Gaia, is upset with humans who do not care, and we must each do what we can in our own small way. The Collective tells us that civilization is measured by ethics and morality—not by the goods they produce. There is enough for everyone; there is no scarcity. We must share from a place of kindness: even a touch or a smile can shift someone’s energy to the positive.

These practices are embraced in the Native American Healing Circles that Kent is so passionate about. Individuals have an opportunity to share, to hold space for each other, and take an active role in sending healing energy to each participant. Kent leads his own Healing Circle on the third Sunday of the month at Heartsong Healing Center in Hooksett, New Hampshire. You can find him on Facebook at Sacred Healing Circles.


Many thanks to Kent and my other radio guests. They inspire me and so many others through their passion for what they do and the wonderful stories they share. Please let their stories encourage you to tap into your own area of passion and allow yourself to connect with your inner wisdom to create a fulfilling life. If you or a friend could use assistance releasing anger or tapping into creativity, invite them to schedule an Initial Consultation with us at or call 844-777-7812.

May you continue to celebrate all the goodness surrounding you and may you listen in your hearts for what is true, honest, and integral to your positive energy. I wish you blessings of peace, health, and happiness. May you be surrounded by dear friends, create wonderful memories, and treasure the beloved gifts of Mother Nature.

Many Blessings for a Hopeful and Happy Month,

Lois Hermann


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