Who are the Meek?

“The meek shall inherit the Earth.” What do you think that means? My Guides have said many times… “the meek shall inherit the earth” is still the projected outcome for our world. Understand, meek does not mean weak, fragile, ignorant, or indifferent. Nor does it mean blind sheep, being led by the masses of destruction, and allowing our minds to be controlled by external influence. The meek are those who are heart-centered, who wish only good for others, those who cannot conceive of controlling another or putting another person down with their caustic words or attitude of superiority.

Think of the meek as the silent majority who hold the truth in their minds and hope in their hearts. They may appear to be passive as they have no desire to engage in verbal, written, or physical battles with ones who are abrasive, maligned, or truly misguided. These are often wise spiritual people who have a strong inner sense or knowing of right and wrong. They may be less visible to the masses, however, can be recognized by their unwavering sense of calm certainty, as they embrace a deep inner peace in the light of truth. These peacemakers come from all walks of life, across a variety of religious and non-religious backgrounds. They are now coming together in unity for the highest and best for humanity.

Embodying a sense of honesty, integrity, and truth with a need to do what is right for our country and the world, we hold the light of truth for the courageous ones who are stepping forward to expose the deception of the dark side. Our intention is also to bring hope for the kind, just, and compassionate people during this holiday season. Let us join together as champions of peace for our world at this historic time in history.

The Shadow-Side

On the other hand, observe the arrogance displayed by those who act superior to others, the dark ones embracing the shadow-side. They are becoming more obvious in this time of crisis in our world. People who deem themselves so proud to step up and shout others down with their words of self-righteousness are becoming so brazen, in the media, by supposed “friends” on social channels, and even via personal attacks by their holier than thou mindsets. “I am right… You are wrong…. I am smart… You are stupid…” These are the ones who need to prove themselves and elevate their position by belittling others. These self-centered people are the ones who yell the loudest with voices that spew anger, hatred, and lies. In truth, they are lost souls who are stuck in the pain of third-dimensional reality and can only be shifted by their own will. These are the ones who are so full of themselves, that there is no room for growth or expansion. In fact, these are the very people who will suffer the most when the truth is revealed to the world, which they may never see or acknowledge.

Hold On

Many of the meek are very well informed as to the real battle of good vs. evil that is raging for the rights of humanity. They may be scared with concerns about the dark side that has controlled our world for generations. To these truth seekers, we say, hold on to your faith. The light is winning. Actually, it has already won. We must be patient and allow the process of unveiling… the great reveal of truth for all to see. We must steadfastly shine our light of hope strong and bright for those who are fighting the insidious for our rights to truth, freedom, and liberty. Just like people did in prior physical wars, in this intellectual based cyber-war, we must support those who are courageous enough to engage in battle for our right to freedom. Through the power of prayer, let us send light to those who are engaged in battle on the front lines for the highest good for our society and our world.

For the innocent shrouded in darkness, who have been led like lambs led to the slaughter, please turn off the TV. Do something that lifts you from the fear thoughts you have been programmed to believe. Fear leads to depression, to sickness, to pain, and suffering. Fear can only be alleviated by your own choosing. Chose again. We all make mistakes, and when we humble ourselves to acknowledge our wrongdoing, we have the ability to forgive ourselves and choose again. You are being given an opportunity to wake up. There are many elevated souls who are here to help you to regain your footing in the wake of this new awareness. There are lightworkers who have walked through the darkness and risen above it for themselves and others. They are now poised and ready to help the lost on this journey toward self-love which leads to a sense of love and unity for all of humanity.

Archangel Azrael, Angel of Death says:

“We understand that there is great political unrest in your nation, and normally we would never consider becoming involved in such a thing. But there is a time now… there is an opportunity… right now, to begin a reverse of the trend. There are enough people who are disappointed with the way things are run, not just the disenfranchised. But, now is the time for just a few people of good conscience to make themselves available to lead others. If a few people can get themselves elected, they can start the turnaround… now is the time where those who have been in power for so long that the people are fed up with the system. Those are the people who need to run. It won’t help you to find other people to put in their place. People themselves must step up and make themselves available. Go back and look at your ancient American history. No one said, “There needs to be change. You, go make change.” The individuals themselves took the step up and did what they knew would be difficult and painful to do. To put themselves in a position where the public could scrutinize their every move, but they did it. Those are the kind of people we need to motivate now. You need to put real people into positions where they can affect change.”

The information shared by the Wise Guides in the Chronicles of Hope books provides important guidelines to bring a change for the better which will bring peace to our hearts and minds. Humanity needs a critical mass of people to wake up, especially now, more than ever. Spiritual empowerment or enlightenment can never be forced on others. You will only wake up when your soul is ready. If you are ready to explore more deeply, and if you wish to be a catalyst for positive change, we can help you shift your energy to be more positive individually and collectively. We invite others of like mind to join our Inspiring Hope Community discussions at the chroniclesofhope.net website. We gather via zoom on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month. Together, our mission is to shift humanity’s energy to the positive, one person, one community, one country at a time. We thank you for joining us to spread the word of peace to our precious world. When we shine the light of love brightly, it WILL serve to shift the darkness that is pervading so much of our society.

Let us raise our energy with the attitude of gratitude for what we hold dear. Join in sending love, light, and blessings to those who are championing our right to freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Blessings to You in Deepest Gratitude,

Lois Hermann

“We understand there is great political unrest in your nation.
There is a time now… there is an opportunity RIGHT NOW to begin a reverse of the trend.
People themselves must step up and make themselves available.
It is necessary to impress upon people the urgency of the situation.
Humanity’s fate must remain in its own hands.”

– Archangel Azrael, Angel of Death
Chronicles of Hope: Book 3: The Archangels*
(*coming in 2021)