Every month we feature a wonderful Team Hope member, including the segment they shared in the Chronicles of Hope series.

By Brian H.

I believe that before birth most of us receive more than one potential path our lives will have an opportunity to follow. As we go along, we are mostly unaware of all the energies and forces that play a part in what we are to become. If we ask, and if we choose to listen to that guidance, we ultimately decide the path our lives take.

I have methodically traipsed and slogged my way through life, believing there had to be more to this incarnation than the constant daily routine, day in and day out. I have often had the feeling of be- ing watched or had the anticipation of something going to happen.

I have been enough of a spiritual seeker to become a hypnotist to explore, among other things, reincarnation and past lives. That has allowed me to discover my past lives and angels, and guide others into exploring and meeting theirs. I have been to many conferences and trainings and felt I had a satisfactory level of understanding on how the spirit world worked. Since being a part of this book series, my understanding and belief system has evolved even more. If it makes sense, it should be explored.

I have come to believe there are universal truths. We all have a powerful spirit and are all connected and are a part of God, including the entire collective consciousness of the universe, all energetic beings, angels, Gaia, all things. The upper realms of spiritual consciousness have no language, they communicate with their thoughts. When one thinks something, all the rest know, and love is the common denominator. As I have read this series of books it is clear the guides have emphasized this. We are all one and are all connected. People are all the same. I have learned that your experiences can alter your point of view and your beliefs, especially when there is a resonance within as truth.

So, thinking back, I was led to meet Lois in late 2017 after learn- ing of an online class she was teaching on energy clearing and alignment. Because of its content, I knew that was where I needed to be. I did not meet Lois in person until I attended a hypnosis conference in Massachusetts a year later. That led to another meeting in early 2019 where I was among others honored to be invited to a channeling session with an amazing person, Gary Scott. It would prove to be life-altering, as it allowed me to have an unexpected metamorphosis to my ongoing spiritual advancement.

As I witnessed this channeled session, Archangel Samael came through as a positive bright energy. I was spellbound… captivated. He wanted to be in front of the group because he has been misunderstood. Samael wanted to give us a chance to see who he really is and understand his true nature. He spoke of providing balance to a belief in a God, so he provided the belief in the opposite. Samael said he brought conflict because it is his belief that conflict is necessary for growth. He took the job of bringing discord and challenge to humanity in order to make us stronger as we overcame that conflict. Just as every coin has two sides, he took on that role, that personal responsibility, because he loves people. He loves humanity.

With these words I heard from Samael, and additional words from his previous channeled session in Book 2, I wondered how this conversive, wise, strong yet kind spirit could be the cause of all the fearsome controversy surrounding his truly misrepresented persona with his more commonly known name, Archangel Lucifer. If the universal collective is comprised of all benevolent entities, it does not make good spiritual sense that there could ever be a piece of that all-connected higher level energy, where all are connected and share the same thoughts (frequencies and vibrations), that any benevolent energy in love with humanity, without displaying an ounce of malevolence or evil whatsoever, would somehow be compelled to exclude himself from that universal collective consciousness of love for the very purpose of hating and being unloving to others. How could that even be possible? I did not believe this could happen; it did not resonate with me at all.

That was my first exposure to this group, a true revelation of understanding. I have learned much more from the teachings of this book series and have had many additional revelations. All of the sessions and lessons from these benevolent entities have a central theme: we are at a tipping point of humanity. These books have served to raise my level of spiritual awareness and consciousness. I am honored and humbled to be included in this especially important project. It has allowed me to grow, understand, and ring true with resonance within my belief system. My hope for you is that it will do the same.


Thank you Brian for being with us through thick and thin on this journey of deception, discovery, and dedication to fulfilling our commitment. I am honored to have you as a treasured friend, valued companion, and true soul brother.
Many Blessings,