“We would appreciate your help.”

How are you handling the insanity in our world today? There is so much sadness and fear surrounding us… almost everywhere we look… especially if we take in the news or media-generated propaganda that permeates our entertainment industry. How do we stay positive in a world filled with hate, divisive people, shootings, corruption, sudden deaths, and out-of-control fear?

First, we must pull our heads out of the sands of denial and look squarely at the deception that has been hypnotizing the joy out of our minds. Start asking questions. Gain clarity. Then, we must raise our vibration by focusing on something in our lives to be grateful for. And finally, we must take action to help save our own family from the small contingent of evil that has insidiously infected so many aspects of our lives. There are many more good people in our world, yet they are trusting, vulnerable, and easily deceived.

The Archangels tell us if you don’t believe in evil it will sneak up and bite you. They have given us specific instructions on how to live a high vibe, spiritually empowered life that includes fighting for our freedom to live, laugh, and love. We can no longer sit on the sidelines with indecision and indifference while waiting for some hero to save us. We must call on our Guides for the strength to do our part to assist in reclaiming our right to be free… just like our forefathers did… before it is too late.

A Mission of Hope

What if you were asked to take on a mission to bring hope to humanity? Would you do it? I did. A dedicated, medical, corporate, and holistic professional, I’ve had many successes and failures in life. Five years ago, I was surprised by and honored to receive incredible messages from divine sources who challenged me to share their insights with the world. It has been quite the challenge indeed. Let me share some of their thoughts to help you find hope as you awaken to the reality of our toxic world. Take a moment to enjoy a respite from the madness as you discover a potential path for empowerment.

When I first encountered the Anquietas, described in the first Chronicles of Hope book, they expressed a sense of urgency that humanity is facing the next great apocalypse, and if we don’t change our ways, we may not have much time left. They said: “The future isn’t written, yet patterns can be seen… If we don’t learn from our past we will suffer the same fate as previous civilizations. There are two distinct outcomes, humanity must learn and grow… or civilization as we know it will vanish.” They expressed concern for future possibilities that as the Earth changes, the blues fade, the greens disappear…and our Earth will become brown and barren. “We don’t know what happens to humanity. You may not have much time left. You must alert the people to make changes.” They gave us messages and provided words of wisdom for those who seek them. “The first message is to restore hope. The first task is to stop the spiral of negativity. Let humanity breathe and rest. Then bring the energy levels slowly up.”

Since receiving these dramatic channeled conversations, my entire waking and sleeping life has changed to accommodate bringing these messages to help people to wake up, get out of their own way, and stand for truth, honesty, and integrity. It has cost much time, effort, money, and many superficial friendships. The Anquietas said the world holds a lot of despair today, there are so many people in need of hope they will believe the wrong message as well as the right message. They told me, “You must bring a message of hope and make the voices of the good people heard.” This is when the Inspiring Hope radio show started. We bring insightful messages of hope to you through the show, blogs, newsletters, and community gatherings.

The Collective

The Guides of the Collective see future possibilities for humanity as both good and bad. Although they would like us to pick good, it is up to humanity to choose our own destiny. Archangel Azrael told us they can only predict the future based on probability, “It is possible, one of two things will happen. Either the negative spiral will continue until all of civilization crashes, and ultimately comes back, which would be revolutionary. Or if humanity can maintain itself until the damaged souls who have taken control of our world pass on, then it is possible to have an evolutionary change which will not be as disruptive to life on this world.”

When asked how to assist, their response was: “Teach them truth. Teach them integrity. Teach them honesty. As much as anything else, compel them to be willing to share again … their feelings, thoughts, and their energy.” They taught us much about how to protect our energy from the dark side, and how to lift our vibration to stay in a positive vibrational state. The series of sessions they shared is like an encyclopedia of hope for those on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Where do we start? What can we do? Many people have amazing skills and knowledge on a topic or two. We are told: “It is what we do with that knowledge that has all the value.” As we use our skills to assist our fellow man, then our gifts and knowledge flow like magic. We must listen to our internal compass and allow our light guidance system to lead the way. As we tune into our inner barometer and recognize its important readings, we become the attuned observers and truly listen to what is important from the heart. When we question everything and observe beyond the obvious, we start to read the hidden constellations that drive other people. Be ever discerning of those who may be misguided and comforted by others who share your path. Watch, listen and be aware. We are in this storm together and light will illuminate the darkness.

Tools for Transformation

For those who are working to rise above the struggle, be open, grateful, and willing to shine the light of hope in many ways. I have created a series of books, starting with the Spirits of Amoskeag, which was just released in its third printing. This book is about the orphan children who worked in the mill yards and when injured, were put to death by the controlling elite of that society. This book was my commitment to tell their story. They are peacefully in the light and happy that their story has been told.

The Chronicles of Hope trilogy made its debut with The Anquietas: Book 1 in August 2019 where the Ancient Ones sounded the alarm that humanity must wake up before it is too late. We continued this awe-inspiring adventure in 2020 with those of The Collective: in Book 2, where channeled insights came from high-level spirits, like Jesus, who are closer to us, can relate more clearly with what we have encountered, and advise as to what we must do to make changes. Now, we bring you messages shared with Team Hope from The Archangels in Book 3. I’m working with Team Hope diligently to complete the incredible insights from the sessions with the Archangels. They want us to know they are always here for us. We must ask for their assistance in everything and know they will be. We must train ourselves to look and listen for their presence… with gratitude.

You Must Ask

The Guides of the Collective that communicated through Gary in this Chronicles of Hope series are very high dimensional beings. I have learned to connect with them regularly and follow their nudges and suggestions with deep gratitude. One of the most important lessons I have learned is to ask questions… be curious about all things. When we think we know everything, we are usually wrong. Staying curious keeps our minds active and engaged. The more we learn, the more we grow, and the more we raise our vibrational energy level toward empowerment and ultimately enlightenment. And yet there are more questions to be asked.

Another important lesson we have learned is that we must ask for assistance in everything we do. The Guides will absolutely answer our requests, yet we must be specific in our asking. This is how we learn, ascend, and grow to an expanded consciousness. We must also endeavor to support one another on this journey as we each share our unique gifts with the world. Embody the above with gratitude, persistence, and joy. The guides have given us many encouraging words such as: “First, we wish to share this message, that love is there when it is created. There is no limit, there is no end. You must always ask. People must know that they can love, and they can be loved. It is almost as hard for people to accept love as it is to give it. That’s sad. They must learn to accept.”

Living the incredible insights from these wise ones has become a way of life for me. In the first book, the Anquietas gave us a Roadmap for Hope. In the second book, The Collective shared some Guidelines for Living. And in this third one, the Archangels are giving us a Path for Empowerment. Seekers and Lightworkers need to be equipped with tools to navigate the intense negativity in our world. There are so many obvious dark energies and equal numbers of less obvious ones that sneak up to hold us back. Having these valuable tools helps to keep your energy clear across all levels, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.

Roadmap for Hope

In Chronicles of Hope: Book 1, the Anquietas gave instructions to lift our vibrational energy. It quickly became our Roadmap for Hope. They told us: Our intention is to transform the darkness pervading our society by releasing the existing hate, anger, fear, greed, and despair. We bring you encouraging words of hope for humanity. We bring guidance on how to live your lives by staying positive.

If you want to put the world in a positive, healing place, remember this: the act of wanting something generates feelings of want, which is negative, adding to the problem. Believe positively that things are better or are on the road to improvement. This thinking creates positive energy. There is a difference between wanting, believing, and knowing. Knowing is the best, the strongest. Knowing how the world should be, generates the strongest positive force. do uplifting activities and simple things that create joy in your life, and think positive, grateful, and hopeful thoughts while doing them.

Honor the Earth – Connect with nature.
Care for the body – Make healthy choices.
Create with joy – Do uplifting things.
Raise vibrational energy – Smile and laugh.
Know there is plenty – Share what you can.
Respect each other – Make personal connections.
Ask for assistance – Reach for the Light.
Live with gratitude – Appreciate what is.

Use these simple tools however it feels right for you to establish high vibrational energy. For ongoing inspiration, listen to our Inspiring Hope radio show series at LoisHermann.com/Inspiring-Hope-Show and join our spiritual discussion group at ChroniclesofHope.net/Community.

Many Blessings of Hope and Peace, with Love,
Lois Hermann