In Chronicles of Hope: Book 1, the Anquietas gave us instructions to lift our vibrational energy.
Here is Our Roadmap for Hope:

If you want to put the world in a positive, healing place, remember this: the act of wanting something generates feelings of want, which is negative, adding to the problem. Believe positively that things are better or are on the road to improvement. This thinking creates positive energy. There is a difference between wanting, believing, and knowing. Knowing is the best, the strongest. Knowing how the world should be, generates the strongest positive force. do uplifting activities and simple things that create joy in your life, and think positive, grateful, and hopeful thoughts while doing them.

  1. Honor the Earth – connect with nature
  2. Care for the body –  make healthy choices
  3. Create with joy – do uplifting things
  4. Raise vibrational energy – smile and laugh
  5. Know there is plenty – share what you can
  6. Respect each other – make personal connections
  7. Ask for assistance – reach for the Light
  8. Live with gratitude – appreciate what is

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