I am delighted to have such a personal and delightful interview by Desiree Scherini on her Intuitive Journey with Desiree podcast.

Interview with Lois Hermann – Energetic Beings, Angels and ET
Intuitive Journey with Desiree

Wow! What a Great Conversation! Enjoy this fascinating conversation with Desiree and Lois Hermann, Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Coach, Author, and Energy Worker as we talk about her experiences and synchronicities that led her to become a Spirit Releasement Expert. We talk about her books (see links below) and the Ancient sources that guided her to write them. We flow from the “down to Earth” topics of dealing with others in a divided world, to the unseen world of the energetic beings that exist around us! Open up to a wider understanding of the world we live within!

To find out more about Lois and her work and books visit these links: Check out Lois’ Radio Show “Inspiring Hope”!
Here’s the link to her interview with Desiree https://www.loishermann.com/2022/01/23/inspiring-hope-radio-show-metaphysics-meets-modern-mindset-with-desiree-scherini/
Lois’ Website – https://www.loishermann.com/associates/lois-hermann/
The Chronicles of Hope Book Series – https://www.chroniclesofhope.net/
The Spirits of Amoskeag Book – http://spiritsofamoskeag.com/
For More Information About Desiree and her work, visit her Website: www.TransHypnotherapy.com  or www.IntuitiveJourneyWithDesiree.com
This Podcast is also on YouTube as a Video Show in the Playlist “Intuitive Journey with Desiree” – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtimxxH1G8a1B95HRnXlDPg
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