*Sincere apologies for the technical interference, the winds were strong this day. However, it offers one clear example of the ongoing interference we have had during the process of sharing these messages with the world.

Today we share with you a special holiday treat, a gift to you this season. This channeled session with Archangel Azrael took place on the Winter Solstice 2017, almost 4 years ago, and has yet to be published. Much has happened in our world since that day, both individually and collectively. At the time of this recorded session, I was naïve to the political landscape, trusted our government, thinking they made decisions for the wellbeing of humanity. I was fascinated by the messages from Archangel Azrael, the Angel of Death, and really had no idea what she was referring to about the great political unrest in our world.

As I resurrected Azrael’s channeled session to share as a blog last December 2020, I had every intention of publishing Book 3 in the Chronicles of Hope series that August. However, life had something different for each of us in the year 2021… a time of division, discovery, and determination. This session was instrumental in shaking dusty cobwebs out of my mind and removing the rose-colored glasses of illusion. Azrael’s words stimulated a wake-up call that catapulted me down the rabbit hole of revelation about our American and world history, both publicly known and suspiciously hidden.

I had much to learn about our world before blindly putting this information out to the public. Foregoing mindless television, my time this year has been spent with countless hours deeply engrossed in an educational quest to understand. The more I delved, the more questions I had. What happened to humanity that brought us to this pivotal brink of destruction? How could we have allowed a few to take control over the many… yet again? Why are people blind to the evil influence in our media, our entertainment, our political arenas? How many times will the precious people be led to slaughter by the unseen hands of the power-hungry? When will we wake up and say, “No More!”? How can we stand together against tyranny and harken to the alarm of the Archangels?

Andrew Periale is with me again to be the voice of Archangel Azrael. Her messages for humanity are critically important, especially now. This is to be the first session in the yet-to-be-released Chronicles of Hope: The Archangels: Book 3. We are sharing these insights with you via the radio show and will be posting advance printed versions on the ChroniclesofHope.net website. We must take note of Azrael’s suggestions about revolution. We invite you to listen to our conversation with open hearts and minds and consider what you can do to help our civilization turn around. Our intention is to bring humanity an awareness with these messages that inspire clarity of truth, honesty, and integrity that will ultimately lead us to world peace.

Many Blessings of Hope,
Lois Hermann

Look for the printed version at www.ChroniclesofHope.net
Enjoy the beautiful rendition of The Prayer by Dion and Bocelli (Lexi and Jenny Oaks Baker) at https://youtu.be/WH9LN-yIeG8