Today we share the third session from Chronicles of Hope: The Collective. Andrew Periale joins me again to read the voice of Aurora, Gary’s spiritual sister who has never taken human form. She brings timely messages of concern for humanity that if we don’t change our ways we may not have much time left. Her message was the same as others of the Collective, yet from a different perspective, with much more urgency. She is concerned that the timeline has shifted and paints a picture that soon, Gaia will react more strongly to clear up the mess we are in. Humanity will live on, yet in a different manner. The meek shall still inherit the Earth and those in power who think they are prepared to survive will not.

Of the spirits we have met, Aurora is the most adamant of the world’s potential demise. Specifically, she told us if we do not change our ways of hatred, conflict, and greed, humanity is headed for extinction. Although she cannot tell us when this probable extinction will happen, she expressed concern that the original timeline is gone. What the Collective calls, “the tipping point,” is coming much faster than predicted. It was alarming to hear her say that the world as we know it is heading for an end and that we don’t realize how little time is left. Aurora and the Collective urgently implore us to get these messages to humanity before that tipping point is reached.

Several months before this session with Aurora, the Anquietas told us about three of their Children’s Children who were on Earth to help humanity. Aurora disclosed that one of those has since died, and now there are only two of them left. She expects another will leave soon, and Gary’s spirit will be the last of his kind to remain in physical form. Further confirming the urgency, Aurora discloses that her kin will not return to corporeal form until humanity makes its choice. The time is now. Civilization must learn to live together without conflict.