Years ago, I made a promise to Guides of the Collective to share channeled messages I received in a series of hypnosis sessions with a man named Gary. These fatherly ones shared hope that humanity may learn from their mistakes and make better choices to create different outcomes for our future. Their words are captured in a series of books called Chronicles of Hope. The first two books are available in print and eBook form. The sessions from Book 3 are being shared through blogs and discussed in our private Inspiring Hope Community prior to printing. Information on this critically important series can be found on the book’s website:

The audio version of Book 1 was beautifully narrated by Andrew Periale, an extremely talented voice professional. I welcome you to immerse yourself in this wonderful rendition of the initial sessions with the Anquietas, the Ancient Ones. You will feel as if you are eavesdropping on our conversations as they channeled their messages through our beloved Gary. Today, I am honored to have Andrew join me again to share with you the messages from Book 2, and in time, Book 3. You’ll find the Preface and Introduction to Book 2 on the website.

Almost four years ago, while in a channeled session with Gary, I interviewed Rae, the Patron God of Atlantis, who was extremely concerned that, as he said: “No world is at such a tipping point right now as Earth.” I was both alarmed and concerned at receiving his messages. While at the time, felt humanity still had some years to go before they needed to change. However, with the challenges of the past year, I now realize how critically important it is that we take heed and act on Rae’s concerns right now. Today, we share his insights again to hopefully help people take notice.

I hope you enjoy listening to this conversation with Rae, God of Atlantis. It was meaningful how he touched my heart again so deeply, through the gifted voice of Andrew.

Many Blessings,
Lois Hermann