Happy Easter! What does this special holiday mean to you? For me, Easter is a time of reflection, renewal, and regeneration. A time to let go of dark winter doldrums and welcome the promising rebirth of spring. A time when Jesus resurrected from the density, drama, and trauma of this Earth and ascended to the Light of spirit. He remains here to help us from above. We have only to ask. He is always with us.

If you could have a conversation with Jesus, what would you ask? I was extremely fortunate to have a one-on-one conversation with Jesus, channeled through the amazing Gary in one of our fascinating sessions. I was completely in awe of this incredible soul, teacher, and guide as he shared his thoughts and concerns for our people. The session was almost five years ago, well before the pandemic mania rocked our world. Today, I would ask him even more specific questions now that I am greater informed about the cruelty and corruption humans have endured for centuries. Listen to my reflections on this special conversation that will hopefully inspire you to create your own path to ascension.