Today we share a discussion on the sixth session from Chronicles of Hope: The Collective: Book 2. Team Hope members Christine Peck and Kathy Kubaki join me to share their thoughts and insights on how we can apply the messages from the Spirit of Earth, Mother Gaia. Her messages for humanity are critically important and we must heed her cautions. One of the important teachings from Gaia is that we must be more aware of what we are doing to ourselves and our world today and make choices based on what is best for future generations.

Much has happened in our world since the session we had with Gaia over three years ago. Instead of expecting the crisis to be 50 years into the future, we are now living in the world of Gaia’s concerns. When I wrote the Reflections for this chapter 18 months ago, covid lockdowns had just started and we have experienced so much drama and trauma since then. Those insights seem to be from a distant time that we may never return to. Many of us have chosen to look beyond the illusion of our past and delve into the reality of what is really going on in our world. As we pay attention and learn from what has happened over the centuries of human neglect and abuse, we wake up. We must do what we can to make a difference. As we appreciate the gifts of nature, honoring Gaia and one another, we raise our vibrational energy. If we each do what we can in our own small way, we can make a difference for humanity.