Welcome to today’s show. Last week, Andrew and I read the session with the Energy of the Universe in Chronicles of Hope: Book 2. If you’ve yet to hear the session, I encourage you to listen to it on my Lois Hermann Associates YouTube Channel or at ChroniclesofHope.net. The Universe stressed the importance of knowing that humanity is truly all one energy… we are all one species, one being, and we must find ways to come together.

However, in today’s world, we are more divided than ever. How can we bridge this gap and come together as one… or can we? We are individuals, yet one energetic human species. When we come together we are more powerful, and our beautiful light shines very brightly. Most people are unaware there is intense negativity that is drawn to feed on our pure light and drag us down. The power of protection through prayer is critically important to embrace on a regular basis. Team Hope has developed a sacred space exercise that can be found for free at loishermann.com/blog

Today I am delighted to be joined again by one of my dearest Light Warrior friends, Christine Peck, who shares the awareness of being the Light. Unfortunately, Kathy couldn’t be with us in the studio, yet is always with us in spirit. As Team Hope members, we work together to shine the Light of hope for others. We are also very aware of the intense dark energy that surrounds us, looking for opportunities to invade our space. Having first-hand experience with the shadow side that drives evil actions, we acknowledge it as very real and must remember how serious it is. Average people struggle with the unseen world of the 4th dimension and have no idea how this darkness can affect their lives. We are aware of the intensity of the shadow side and have learned to come together as one Light to assist in shifting darkness from around others, and our precious planet. We are here to discuss some of the insightful messages from the Spirit of the Universe and share how important it is to shine the Light of hope for a bright and united future for all of us.