I am sharing these insights as blogs so their messages will reach you in a timely manner. These blogs will be included as Sessions in Chronicles of Hope: The Archangels: Book 3. Please enjoy this channeled Conversation with Archangel Michael that I was honored to receive and experience.

I Am Michael
Archangel of Protection

“The best thing you can do is to bring back
the beliefs of the Native Americans.”
– Archangel Michael


Several months had passed since Gary and I had met for a channeled session and the book project had been placed on hold. Sadly, my consultant, Paul had pulled away from this effort as the energy had become too intense. Gary and I were hesitant to continue until we received guidance on how to proceed. We were also concerned with who we might invite to join us on this journey. Two wonderful consultants had been doing energy clearing work with me, however, they had yet to participate in any of the channeled sessions with Gary.

Gary had been going through a series of serious health issues, so this session was intended as a personal healing session for him. I had also been experiencing some health issues with nasty burning rashes on my hands. Since we knew each of us would benefit from some healing energy work, we decided to get together for this healing session. This was never intended to be a channeling session. Yet, a beloved spirit spontaneously appeared.

Session 3 participants were: Lois, the hypnotist guiding the session; Gary, the client channeling the high-level being; and Michael, the Archangel of Protection, being channeled through Gary.


Conversation – Session 3

After the induction, I proceed with one of my usual auric clearing exercises. I ask Gary to look into an imaginary mirror to examine the color of his aura and to identify any dark areas or shadows in or around his energy field.

Lois: What color is your aura today?

Gary: My aura is blue-green. I do not see anything unusual in or around my aura. However, I see things beyond.

Lois: Things beyond your energy?

Gary: Yes. Things in the room.

Lois: Before we proceed, if your aura is clear, please take a look at my aura. What color is my auric energy field today?

Gary: Yellow above the head, green across the chest, and blue-green around the legs. [Looks at me with eyes partly open.]

Lois: Are there any areas of darkness or distortions? Is there anything that does not belong in my energy field?

Gary: Red… around the hands and around the arms.

Lois: Please help me remove the areas of red around my hands and arms. As you remove this red energy from my hands, wrap it up in a bubble of light, and set it off to the side.

Gary: Hold your hands out.

[Gary takes a deep breath. With his eyes barely open, Gary holds out his hands, palms up, and motions for my hands. I place my hands on his. After a moment, he rotates his hands over mine, palms down with his fingertips together. He remains like this for about 25 seconds, then pulls his hands away from mine as though he were holding an imaginary ball about six inches in diameter. His face shows deep concentration with what appears to be possibly a little pain.]

Gary: I have it here. [He whispers.]

Lois: Let’s ask Archangel Michael to be with us here today, to take whatever this is into the Light. Do we need to know where it comes from, or can we just let it go?

[I regularly ask Archangel Michael to assist with client sessions. He takes away any negative energy and always knows exactly what to do with it. Suddenly, Gary’s expression and posture change. He opens his eyes wide, looks directly at me and smiles broadly.]

AA Michael: Hello Lois. [His voice is much deeper.]

Lois: Hello?

AA Michael: I can take care of this for you.

Lois: Thank you.

[Slowly, the energy ball grows smaller as he appears to compress it with his hands. Once his hands clasp together, he pauses for a moment, takes a deep breath, and smiles at me.]

AA Michael: This is the first time we have ever spoken directly.

Lois: [Recognizing this to be Archangel Michael, I speak cheerfully, knowingly.] Yes, it is. I have long wanted to speak with you. I speak with you all the time in my heart and mind. I wasn’t expecting you to come through today, however, I truly appreciate that you are here.

AA Michael: It seemed the right thing to do. I haven’t long. [Still smiling.]

Lois: Thank you for coming. Do you have any advice for us to help clear the path for the book? We have run into somewhat of a hiccup with the creation of the Chronicles of Hope.

AA Michael: So, I’ve noticed.

Lois: What can we do better?

AA Michael: [Inhales deeply.] I do not think there is anything you need to do except pursue the path you are pursuing. We have told you before, you have been on the right path all along. This is a minor detour… nothing more. [Shrugs and shakes his head slightly.] The material will be ready when it needs to be ready. There is no point in rushing it.

Lois: Thank you. Is there anything that can be done to help Gary with his health, his energy, and his sleep? Or does he already know what he needs to do?

AA Michael: [Smiling and speaking cheerfully.] Ahmm… If my brother whom you call Samael can’t do anything for him, there is very little that I can do. [Speaks a little more seriously.]

He needs to walk his own path.

Lois: I will let him know.

AA Michael: But your help is greatly appreciated.

Lois: Thank you. I have a question about our friend, Paul. My heart goes out to him and the conflict in which he found himself. Is there anything you can do to help him?

AA Michael: Not without his permission.

Lois: I understand. [Quietly]

AA Michael: He is a tortured spirit. He is a son of Gaia, but despite the number of incarnations he’s had, they have all been on Earth. He lacks scope and breadth. It may be that he is getting a little bored with his series of existences. He can choose any existence he likes. He does not need to choose to return to Earth every time. It would, perhaps, be better for him if he did not.

Lois: I can understand that. So, we should be able to move forward with this project?

AA Michael: Oh yes.

Lois: I have a question about the energy that seems to gather outside of my office, in and around the hallway, stairs, and elevator. [AA Michael begins to smile.] Our sweet little dog, Ruby seems to be frightened by something in that space. [An associate in the healing center across the hall has a wonderful little dog that often greets clients and has been afraid to go near the elevator area. Animals can be very intuitive about spiritual activity.]

AA Michael: [Turns his head to look in the direction of that space and appears to be looking through the wall. After a moment, he slowly shakes his head with a smile.] Those are just spirits passing through. There is nothing dangerous there. A lot happens in this building, and the spirits concentrate on what you could think of as the simplest path between Heaven and Earth. That would be stairs and elevators. It is not uncommon. They will pass.

Lois: Interesting, that makes sense. Can you help to clear them?

AA Michael: Yes. [Waves his hands.]

Lois: Thank you. I am surprised and very honored that you are here. [Taken by surprise at his visit, I was unprepared to ask questions for the Book, so I simply had a friendly conversation with him about things I had asked him in my prayers.]

I am getting ready to move across the hall into the larger office space. I have been asking for your advice and have been hearing you say, “You must do this.” So, I am.

AA Michael: You have not been hearing that just from me. [Smiles broadly.]

Lois: Somehow, I knew that. [With a knowing smile.] Is there a reason I am to move my office?

AA Michael: It is a good thing.

Lois: It is a good thing? My sense is that we must expand our space to be prepared to host audiences with small groups of people so that your kin can share insights with others.

AA Michael: By opening the physical space in which you work, you also open the spiritual space. The act of moving to something larger is a physical manifestation of your own desire to move into a larger spiritual self.

Lois: I see. So, opening to the larger space is a good thing?

Lois: Thank you. We have been asked to do a spirit clearing demonstration in the Manchester Mills in front of an audience. The two wonderful consultants that are now working with me have agreed to assist. Is this the right thing to do? There is part of me that feels it might be too public. I would like to show people how to help spirits, instead of having them be the subject of ghost sighting parties. I wish to demonstrate the importance of helping spirits to transition and want people to understand the significance of honoring the spirits instead of using them as entertainment.

AA Michael: Everything you do comes from a place of honor. That is your very nature. How other people view it is determined by their nature. Those who attend are likely to be more open minded. It is difficult to demonstrate what you do to those who cannot see. As Paul was able to see the spirits, those who can’t have only a belief to fall back on. Faith sustains many. But I hate to use the word evidence. A sensation that something which they can only barely perceive is happening would go a long way toward their acceptance of what you do. Not that they might not accept you. They most likely will be in-between and ambivalent. [Shrugs.] Unfortunately, a vast number of people on Earth are that way today. They just don’t seem to care anymore.

Lois: That was the topic of a conversation I had earlier this week with my consultant, Zeke, whom you know.

AA Michael: Yes.

Lois: We were wondering how to inspire people who are so ambivalent, especially young people who don’t have any spiritual interest or motivation. It is as if there is no “rite of passage” for them. There is nothing they have to strive for or work toward. How do we inspire them?

AA Michael: Interesting choice of words… “rite of passage.” For most of humanity’s existence, in all past civilizations, there always was the rite of passage. The Jewish people still have their Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah for their young, the day in which they become men and women. There are similar things in many religions, but people are less inclined to follow religious doctrine than they used to be. The newer generations… most particularly… as all humans do…  need something in which to believe. But it has to be presented to them differently than it has been to previous generations. [Pauses to consider with a sigh.] They do not respond to things in the same way that humans have for most of their history. It is not so much that they do not care, but that they have nothing for which to care. [Furrows his brow.] Does that make sense? They do not have a belief. They have no faith at all. Technology plays a large part in that.

Lois: Yes, it does. [Nods.]

AA Michael: Everybody talks about social media as though it has brought people together when, in fact, it has done the exact opposite. They need an inspiration. [Shrugs slightly.] We would hope this book might serve to help.

Lois: You are absolutely right. Working with many young people, I find that some are very sick, some are insecure, some feel alone. I enjoy helping them to connect with their spiritual Guides, such as connecting them with you, with Jesus, with nature spirits, with whatever spirits are from the Light. I see a spark come into them through that process and that tickles my heart.

AA Michael: I would suggest a concentration on connecting them to nature. The traditional religions are too vague. There is not enough… hope… that praying to a God will produce any kind of change. Belief in a single God is less common than it was a generation ago. This is not a problem as there is no single God, but your Mother is Earth. [Spreads hands in an encompassing gesture.]

Lois: Yes… and she needs care.

AA Michael: All spirits on the planet, even if they are not Gaian spirits, come from Earth. The best thing you can do is to bring back the beliefs of the Native Americans. There are others who worship nature of course, but most people in this country would relate better to the Native Americans. Their beliefs are so much closer to the reality of the Universe than most others. Their sense of spirit… their belief that all things… even if they do not move… are still living things. [Speaks emphatically.] Everything on Earth is part of Earth, so everything on Earth is alive. It will strengthen their spirits to know this, and it is not just their spirits that are weak. [Makes an encompassing gesture with his left hand.]

There is a generation born to this Earth that is physically not as strong as the previous generation. That is due in large part to the poisoning of the Earth. Elderly people did not grow up with this. It has been introduced to them and has made them sick, but not systemically ill. The newer generation is growing up with mercury, lead, cadmium, as part of their physical makeup, and the human body is not meant to deal with those elements. It is incapable of flushing them out on its own. There is no simple solution to that particular problem. Even if you clean up the pollution of the Earth it is still stuck in people’s bodies.

Lois: By connecting them with nature, it will also cause them to be more mindful of what they are doing with their health and with nature.

AA Michael: Everyone on the planet needs to be more mindful of what they consume. Not just in amount, but in type. There is nothing inherently wrong with any… thing of nature… provided it has not been contaminated by things not of nature. A belief in the spirits of all things will help because those spirits do exist. You have talked with them before. Some have come through here before. [Universal Energy]

A spirit of Earth is capable of removing from the body those things that are part of Earth and belong in Earth, but do not belong in the body. You cannot clear lead out of your system on your own, but the Earth is capable of reabsorbing it. It belongs in the Earth, not in you. [Gesturing to include people in general.]

The spirits of the Earth can help. The same for the spirits of the sky and the water. They can help purify you, but you have to understand that they exist, respect them, and ask them for help. And then… you must do what is necessary to prevent those things, to the extent possible, from getting back into you. You need to eat carefully, choose your food wisely, and drink the cleanest water you can. Even rainwater has become polluted in so many places now. But nothing is so bad that it cannot be corrected. It just requires the will to do it… and only in a few people. Once a few people start, other people will see the benefit. Other people will see how healthy these people have become, and they will do the same thing. Nothing teaches so well as example.

Lois: That might be part of why I’m having to experience this rash on my hands, to force me to eat cleanly and make healthier choices. It is part of my learning.

AA Michael: Well unfortunately, you were exposed to an environment not of your own making.

Lois: This is true. [I had been exposed to many chemicals in my past.]

I have a question for you.

AA Michael: Yes.

Lois: It ties in somewhat with the Native American culture. People talk about the Star People.

AA Michael: Yes.

Lois: Would you be one of the Star People?

Michael: Not specifically me. [Smiles.]

Lois: Okay, but some of your kin?

AA Michael: My kin, yes, and our Children. They can make themselves manifest in non-physical form. Some of it is even my parents (the Anquietas).

Lois: Oh, wow!

AA Michael: They can be seen if you are willing to look. Even the Universe itself is visible to anyone who wills to look. Gaia is willing to speak to anyone who is willing to listen. It is all there for you.

Lois: I know, and truly appreciate all.

AA Michael: Yes. [In a whisper.]

Lois: I love and appreciate the work that I do, and I’m grateful to be sharing it by teaching others.

AA Michael: That is important. There is only a limited amount you can do by yourself, but teaching is always the greatest good.

Lois: Is there any specific advice you would have for me? I know you have a limited time here.

AA Michael: I do have only a limited time. [Takes a deep breath, stretches, and begins to sit up in the chair. It appears to be quite a struggle, yet he smiles.]

It is hard to move about in a body when you are not used to it. [He clasps his hands together for a moment, then holds them out palms up.]

Give me your hands. [Surprised, I place my hands in his, palms down. Archangel Michael takes a deep breath with his eyes closed, holding his head down slightly in concentration. Almost 10 seconds pass while I feel incredible energy pass through my hands.]

We are always here for you. This is your chance to really feel what I am… to know my nature. I am here to take from you anything that you wish removed from your body or your spirit. You need only let go. [Another few seconds go by as I feel a flood of intense energy pouring from throughout my entire body into his hands.]

Yes… Good… Work through it. Very good… Don’t hold back. [A few more seconds pass as I continue to push the energy fully throughout my being into his hands.]

I am going to sweep my spirit through your body… It will feel unusual. But do not fear… I could never hurt you. Are you ready?

Lois: I am ready. [Speaks quietly.]

[Just over 30 seconds go by as I feel a powerful rush of energy through my body that glows and expands beyond my physical being. I feel vast, expansive, and extremely uplifted energy. I do not actually feel my physical body, only sense of incredible expansiveness beyond anything I have ever experienced. I did not want to return.]

AA Michael: How do you feel?

Lois: Expansive.

AA Michael: That will last as long as we are connected. Your perception of the world around you is greatly heightened. [Another few seconds pass.] Do you wish to see more?

Lois: Yes. [Speaks in a whisper.]

AA Michael: [About 15 seconds pass] What do you feel?

Lois: Larger, ethereal. I feel as if I really do not have a body. I feel beyond my body.

AA Michael: To some degree you are right now. [Just over 10 seconds pass, inhales deeply.]

I’m going to pull back your spirit now. I will leave your perception open. If it gets to be too much you can always close it down.

Return now. Your energy cleaner… Your spirit brighter… Your perception opened.

I am going to withdraw slowly. [About 20 seconds pass.] I leave with you a connection to call on me at any time.

Lois: I thank you. I know you are here for me. [Softly.]

[As we release each other’s hands, Archangel Michael sits upright in his chair. He sighs deeply twice, then looks at me and smiles kindly.]

AA Michael: I have not done that in a long time. Are you okay?

Lois: Yeah… That was amazing. Are you? [Quietly.]

AA Michael: I am fine. [In his deep tone.] I am not sure what Gary’s going to feel like when this is over.

Lois: I was going to ask, “Is this still Archangel Michael?” [Cheerfully.]

I have a question… some people call you ‘Arch-angel’ [Emphasizing the ‘ch’ sound.] and some people call you ‘Archangel’ [Pronounced ark-angel.] Which do you prefer?

AA Michael: Ark.

Lois: That’s what I thought.

AA Michael: You can call me Michael. [Smiles knowingly.]

Lois: Thank you. In my notes I usually call you ‘AAM.’

AA Michael: I have seen that. [Smiles broadly with a gentle laugh.]

I’m sorry… I must go now.

Lois: Thank you. I am so very blessed to have you with me today and always.

AA Michael: You have earned it. [He breathes deeply as his head rolls to the right.]

As Gary’s energy gently returns to his body, he remains in a relaxed and peaceful trance state. Before bringing him back to full awareness, I guide him through a powerful visualization exercise where he imagines and experiences a glowing ball of light traversing through all parts of his body. This facilitates an energetic healing for him across body, mind, and spirit.

Once he returns to full awareness, Gary expresses that he enjoyed the ball of light experience. He did not remember anything about Archangel Michael coming through him. However, he spontaneously comments that I look different. He states that the red in my arms and hands is gone, they are now a little pink, and my chest is glowing a bright green! He was surprised that he had moved around to help heal me during the session and felt a bit more energized himself.

“Ask for Protection, Healing, and Empowerment across all levels:
Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Psychic,
Social, Professional, Financial, Relational, Environmental,
Technological, Political, and Educational.
That all beings come together as one for humanity.”

— Archangel Michael