Clearing my office I came across this lovely poem from my dear departed soul sister, Nancy. She was always ahead of the curve! To this day, every time I see a rainbow, I think of her glowingly positive, colorful energy. She gave me this poem only days before her passing, almost 7 years ago:

Hope of Humanity

(Written and copyrighted by Don Eaton, 2003)

I see so many people lost in despair,
They have no hope, and they can’t find their way.
Bui I still believe that there’s a fire in some hearts,
And that a few courageous souls will dare to say:

I am the hope of humanity,
I am a bringer of the Light.
My love will help to heal the world’s insanity.
I am a candle in the night.

Now some may call it arrogance or say it’s vanity
To think we’re part of what dreams may come true.
But do you imagine I could feel this Light inside myself
If I hadn’t seen it shining first in you?

You are the hope of humanity.
You are a bringer of the Light.
Your love will help to heal the world’s insanity.
You are a candle in the night.

Now I’ve been blessed to travel
With some strong and humble hearts,
A family of those who’ve heard the call,
I’ve bathed in their heart light and I’ve come to understand
There’s just one reason we are here at all.

We are the hope of humanity.
We are the bringers of the Light.
Our love will help to heal the world’s insanity.
We are the candles in the night.

Signed: July 2013 – Love, Light, & Rainbows, Nancy

Somehow, Nancy knew… and continues to know as she is ever with me in my heart, traveling over the rainbow in the ethereal world nearby. I miss her loving friendship and gleeful laughter, yet know she had a more important mission. It was her prayers that called me back to the living from my own near-death experience. Yet, I couldn’t call her back from hers. She was ready to travel her own path into the Light where she remains ever near me, with me in the world of spirit.

Nancy would be so excited for me, encouraging me to shine the Light of Hope for Humanity through these books I am called to write and share.

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Blessings of Love, Light, & Rainbows to you,

Lois Hermann