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As listeners of “Healing From Within” are well aware Sheryl and her guests share an understanding of the dual nature of soul and physical life as we try to observe ways to master our emotions and live lives of dignity and love exploring the world of man nature and the Universe. If we focus only on material needs, we often fail to observe the beauty of our soul energy and cannot succeed in either our soul or phyiscal life development. A merging of our total essence is the key to success joy prosperity peace and happiness.

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Lois and Sheryl will discuss Lois’s second book in the series, Chronicles of Hope—the Collective—Book 2 which shares channeled messages from wise spirits of the Collective who teach us how to shift our energy to be more positive, to heal ourselves our families and communities, and our troubled world. In this timely compilation of ageless wisdom we hear from an ancient God, a beloved prophet, a little-known Goddess a misunderstood Archangel, the expansive Spirit of the Universe and the Spirit of the Earth, our mother Gaia. Whether you believe in many Gods, one God or no God these spiritual beings of the unseen world are concerned humanity will soon be it’s undoing, but if we listen, they are ever willing to assist us in saving this precious planet and the life that lives in, on and around her. Lois will share miraculous messages of love from Spirit in order to help us weather these challenging times where humanity is being called on to remember their true being and to work cooperatively rather than in a competitive fashion which is undermining the health and well being of our planet and our personal development as souls having a physical life.

When Lois is asked to think back to her childhood and remember a person place event that may have shown her or others around her the lifestyle and interests she might pursue as an adult she immediately remembers her family trips to a camping ground by the water where every time they went she saw a lovely woman by herself with long white-blonde hair who had a small tent and who just seemed to be so calm and quiet. Lois never got to talk to her but realized she was possibly different than all the others. Strange Sheryl says but you were drawn to her peaceful energy and Sheryl tells Lois that over twenty years ago when she was developing her healing and mediumship ability she went to a convention in Arizona. At a sound bowl healing workshop Sheryl was late and ran in to take the only seat left in a circle of twelve people. All of a sudden she felt drawn to look to her right side where a young woman with long white hair sat very still. The next day she met the woman at her booth where the woman told Sheryl her name was Victoria and she was from another star system and here to help humanity evolve by sharing vibrational music which she was selling at her booth. Sheryl asked Victoria if there were more beings like her and she said, “Yes.” “What do they look like?” Sheryl asked and Victoria responded, “They look like me.” It wasn’t so much what she looked like that Sheryl remembers, but the quietness and peace of her energy that she radiated. Funny how Lois and Sheryl both sensitives and mediums had a similar encounter.

Channeled Messages from Wise Spirits of the Collective