Chronicles of Hope: The Archangels: Book 3 – the third book in this series was released on 8/4 amidst a flurry of excitement. In an overwhelming book launch, the book received the distinction of being awarded 33 best-selling categories and #1 International Bestseller in 8 categories – in the US, Canada, and Japan! We are so excited to share the messages of the Archangels with everyone and absolutely delighted at the welcome reception!

Chronicles of Hope: The Archangels shares channeled messages for spiritual seekers, lightworkers, and light warriors. The Archangels give us tools for empowerment and encouragement to embrace our unique gifts, unlocking the future of hope for humanity. Archangels are always with us. We must remember to ask.

We hope to have the softcover available at the National Guild of Hypnotist Conference in Marlboro, Massachusetts on 8/11. Please visit our booth!

Many Blessings,
Lois Hermann & Team Hope