The most amazing results are created by the best team of people doing the greatest work behind the scenes. Over the last few years, I have been intrigued, in awe, and elated by a team of people who have dedicated their time and talents to bringing messages of hope and healing to others through the Chronicles of Hope project. Their efforts are focused on helping make this world a better place. 

Those who comprise Team Hope come from diverse backgrounds and professions from all over the world. They are incredibly talented people who have willingly and steadfastly come together on this often challenging journey to deliver – not our messages – but ancient messages of the Wise Ones of the Collective who want to help mend our world. 

Members of Team Hope are gifted with the unseen world as my energy clearing team. They are my editorial team, gifted with the written word. They are my gifted marketing team, publishing team, audiobook team, and review team. Along with me, they are greatly concerned about the direction of our troubled world. We know, however, that the insight, wisdom, and sage advice we have received through this project can bring humanity to a place of peace, for our children and our children’s children. Together, we work toward that goal. 

As Book 2 in the Chronicles of Hope series is about to be released, I am filled with gratitude, appreciation, and love for Team Hope and all they have given to this project. While I know it is part of their purpose, I am ever-grateful for their never-ending support on this hopeful journey that we travel together. I am also grateful for those who joined this transformational journey as readers of Book 1 and hope you join us for the awe-inspiring adventure in Book 2. 

I, along with Team Hope, cannot wait to bring you Chronicles of Hope: The Collective where the Collective shares channeled messages from wise spirits who teach us how to raise our vibrational rate, shifting our energy to be more positive—to heal ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world. We humbly hear from the spirit of Rae, the Patron God of Atlantis, the Goddess Aurora, Archangel Samael, the spirit of the prophet Jesus, the Spirit of the Universe, and Gaia, spirit of the Earth. 

To bring these timely and important messages to the world as quickly as possible, Chronicles of Hope: The Collective is being released first in Kindle eBook on Amazon on Saturday, 8/8/20 for a special introductory $1 rate (that day only). Please mark your calendar!

As you wait, I invite you to join me and Team Hope online for our Inspiring Hope Community discussion group where you can ask questions and join our lively conversation on how to bring positive change to our world. Our next discussion is on Thursday, July 23 at 7:00 p.m. ET. I hope you join us. Please sign up at

In the meantime, I leave you with some of Team Hope’s thoughts after contributing their insights along the way and reading an advanced copy of Book 2. Thank you sincerely to each member of Team Hope for your dedication, support, and love.

Many Blessings and Deepest Gratitude,

Lois Hermann

“I love a book that stirs a resonance within; one that not only increases awareness but enhances that enlightenment beyond expectation. For me, this book was cause for many pauses for reflection and deep introspection. This book moves through enlightenment to awaken who we truly are and who we truly must be. The message is clear: we must change. We must embrace the narrative of these ancient spiritual beings to raise the vibrational energy of humanity and bring their message of hope. It is a once in a lifetime read, in the hope of saving our planet and the people on her.” 
—Brian Hill, PT, CH, Hill Rehab & Manual Therapy

“The spirits that shared their communications in Book 2 will move you to tears, give you hope, and reset your intentions. The insights speak to every cell of your body. Be prepared at times to have your beliefs challenged while other times feel validated by truths you’ve experienced but were afraid to share. Open your heart to receive the urgent beckoning for us to wake up, respect our Earth, its species, and each other. Be a part of the profound shift that must occur on this planet and choose to be a voice for Gaia. Future generations will honor and thank you. I absolutely loved this book! By far, it is the only book that has loved me back!” —Denise McCalvey, CHT, RM, Transpersonal Hypnotist

“Powerful. This book can save humanity. Don’t let beliefs get in your way. “Can this be true?”  Stop believing what you believe. Jesus said, “You need to unlearn before you can learn.” When you were young, you were told, “Don’t put your hand on the stove or you’ll hurt yourself.”  You believed it, but you did it anyway and hurt yourself. You experienced it and knew it to be true. Knowledge is more powerful than belief. Most of what you believe was taught to you by parents, books, preachers, TV, and friends. Most of who you think you are is a belief, and many beliefs aren’t true. Absorb the wisdom in this book. Feel it. Experience it. Know it. Powerful!” 
– Kent Guiding Fox, Lightworker

“I am deeply moved by the Chronicle of Hope books. Personally, I appreciate how Book 2 gives a plan of how to live in a deeply spiritual way to begin repairing the damage on our Earth so our children and grandchildren have a place to live. Growing up in church, I was told to first ask God for direction and wait. Now, I understand to seek first my own spirit’s path and then partner with my Creator. Professionally, I share these ideas with my psychotherapy clients as they seek to manage depression and anxiety. This book gives them a framework to follow that boosts their joy and allows them to let go of negative memories and emotions.” 
—Laurel Kramer, PhD, Psychologist

“This book is an incredible gift to anyone who reads it! It is partly a call-to-action and partly a roadmap for living a conscious life. I was able to see Jesus and his teachings from the depth of his perspective. New understandings were created while old misunderstandings were corrected. Lois helps bring insight about our origins from the perspective of our creators through the eyes of their Children’s Children. The resonating truths are palpable, and the information is uplifting. The presentation is so engaging that at times I felt like I attended the session in person.” —Kathleen Kubacki, LMT, CHT, Transpersonal Hypnotist

“Three loves of my life are words, music, and nature. Chronicles of Hope speaks to all three. Of words: the Collective, a group of Divine Spirits and Angels, kindles my hope that incites and lights my path toward positive thought and action, raising my vibrational energy. Of music: the messages in this book reverberate and ring the bell of awakening deep within, and my wellspring of spirit is renewed and responds with joy and expression. Of nature: I hear Gaia, the living Spirit of the Earth, singing the refrain of life that is the drumbeat of all hope.”—Lizzie Fleenor, Writer, Reader, Spiritual Seeker


“If there is any hope for humanity at all, it is in the work that you are all doing.”
– Aurora, from Chronicles of Hope: The Collective: Book 2

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