Chronicles of Hope Sessions

Over the past several years, I have dedicated my life to sharing information that was given to me from a series of channeled sessions with amazing wise guides. They called themselves the Collective and implored me to get the message out to people quickly as they had deep concerns that humanity didn’t realize how little time they have left. Many of these Wise Guides, including Jesus, told me that the Earth is at a tipping point and we must do something now or the world as we know it will disappear.

After two years of receiving the information, I worked diligently to publish two books, one a year. My intent was to share their messages to help save humanity from imminent destruction. I thought the time frame they were talking about was possibly 25 to 100 years into the future. Now, I realize the destruction they were speaking of is happening right now… today. The war between good and evil is raging all around us, before our very eyes, if we will only open ourselves to see the truth.

My background involves spiritual-based hypnosis sessions where clients connect with loved ones, angels, and guides… only after they have cleared any negative energy. For over thirty years, I have battled the dark side, clearing individuals, their families, and homes of draining energies that interfered with their lives. I have done this work privately and have only recently started talking about it through the books I was asked to write, starting with the Spirits of Amoskeag, the Wounded Heroes of the Manchester Mills, followed by The Chronicles of Hope series.

In reality, these books provide information to teach others how to recognize the influence of negative energy and learn ways to keep their energy clear, strong, and protected. I have been asked time and again by my Guides to teach others how to clear the negative around themselves and give them ways to keep their energy positive, uplifted, and inspired. This was the intention of this radio show that I started almost a year ago… to offer a good news show that Inspires Hope for people when the media paints everything so dour, fear-based, and negative.

Battle of Good vs. Evil

I am truly blessed to be surrounded and supported by a team of amazing people who are able to delve into the shadow with me. These dedicated spiritual friends and associates are able to see the energy in and around people. Together, we work with the angelic realm to clear the darkness and bring in the light. I call them my “A-Team”, my Angel Team. Over these past months, our team has expanded our vision to see what is going on… on a broader scale. We are able to look at the energy surrounding individuals, groups, communities, states, countries, and the world. I must tell you that right now, the battle of good vs. evil is raging before our eyes. Our team clearly sees the darkness pervading those driven by evil and power with the intention of pitting one person against another, and the end game of controlling the world through fear, anger, isolation, and division.

We absolutely see this IS battle that our powerful Guides in the Chronicles of Hope book series spoke of so often: the battle of love vs. hate, peace vs. anger, compassion vs. greed, control vs. freedom. When I first experienced the channeled sessions with these wise ones in 2017, they imparted a definite sense of urgency, which drove me to publish the books as quickly as possible. However, l now know that the urgency refers to what is happening NOW. The “tipping point” of humanity referred to by the Anquietas, the God Rae, Jesus, Aurora, and others is upon us RIGHT NOW! Many are aware that we are indeed mired in the war of good vs. evil and most of us feel helpless as to what to do about it except sit back and watch the evil that has taken over our world be exposed.

Question Everything

There are many on this planet who are completely blind as to what is going on around us. Those who have listened to the toxic media without questioning are hypnotized into believing false narratives that will someday come back to haunt them. They are oblivious as to what is truly going on and will soon find themselves in a state of shock with the reality. The situation we are in is like an insidious cancer that people have ignored, hoping it will go away. They say it doesn’t affect me, I don’t want to look at it. This cancer has metastasized to all of our systems: political, judicial, financial, medical, educational, spiritual, technological, environmental, societal, familial… and more. This invasive disease will destroy our way of life if we do not wake up and take a good look at what is going on around us. People need to use the power of their own minds to investigate for themselves and learn what is really going on.

There are many who are have woken up to what is going on and are dedicated to humanity, to what is honest, right, and true… yet feel hopeless and helpless as to what to do. Many who are attempting to communicate find their voices censored, blocked, and drowned out by the dark side. We watch the corruption pervading, invading, and tearing apart our society. To these people… we say hold on to the light of hope and do what you can for justice. If nothing else, we can pray. We can send good energy and the light of truth to those who have the courage and power to step up.

Lightworker Alliance

Over the past months, our Angel team has expanded to form a larger 5D Lightworker Alliance. We have been meeting regularly and clearly see beyond the veil of illusion. We are doing what we can to shift the darkness, to shine the light of truth for all to see… and inspire others by planting seeds of hope for humanity. We fully see the battle of light and dark infecting humanity. We KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt what is going on in this drama that is playing out before our eyes. We hold strong in our work to shine the light of truth on the shadow that I have been speaking about for months now. We know in our hearts that the light of truth will win. Our angelic guides are ever with us for support and want us to trust them and the process. A small renegade bunch of people is doing their best to fight the system and save our country and the world.

Recently, I started writing the sessions for Chronicles’ Book 3 and found the insights shared by Archangel Azrael to be so incredibly timely and critical that I must share them with you now. This information is too important to wait for the next book, so I will offer each session to you as blogs on the website for all to read.


Chronicles of Hope:
The Archangels: Book 3

~ Session 1 ~

I Am Archangel Azrael
Angel of Death

  “The more you think you know,
the less likely you are to be able to learn.”
– Archangel Azrael


It was winter solstice 2017 when Gary, Paul, and I gathered for another channeling session. On this special day were excited to see who might join us and what they would share. Since Paul and I regularly work with Archangel Michael in the clearing sessions we do, we felt it would be wonderful to speak directly with him, if he wasn’t too busy. Or maybe he’d send another Archangel to give us advice and instructions. Our intention was to clarify some of the earlier statements made by the Wise Ones in the sessions that have been outlined in the Chronicles of Hope Book Series. We were looking to gain insight into some of the more unusual occurrences we had recently experienced. We continued to wonder why we were chosen for this mission of delivering hope to humanity and what was our specific role? We were curious who might visit with us today and what insight they might wish to share.


I gently guide Gary into a peaceful trance state, a place of receptivity, a space of openness for one of the Wise Ones of the Collective to join share with us. We invite whoever wishes to give us guidance to come today. We are open to receive their guidance on this special celestial day. As Gary becomes noticeably relaxed, it is interesting to note the time is 4:44 – a sign that angels are near.

[As Gary’s eyes open, he looks around the room, and then fidgets in the seat.]

I say: Hello. Are you comfortable?

Azrael: Not particularly. [In a soft-spoken, very kind, and gentle voice.]

Lois: How may I help you? [I ask as he shifts around and sits upright in the chair. I remove the ottoman from under his feet to allow him to be more comfortable.]

Azrael: Thank you. You are Lois. [Looking at me.] You are Paul. [Turns to look at Paul.]

Lois: And who are you? Who do we have the privilege of speaking with today?

Azrael: The first humans to name me were the ancient Hebrew. I am Azrael… Archangel. I am also Azrael, the Angel of Death. You wanted to speak to an Archangel?

Lois: Yes.

Azrael: What would you like to know?

[Of note, throughout the session, Azrael sits very upright, looking directly at Paul and me, fully engaged in the casual conversation. He gently moves his hands in a variety of expressive ways as he speaks. His demeanor is very calm, peaceful, and comfortable.]

Lois: Oh, my goodness… so much. Archangel Michael works with us frequently. We call him by that name, yet are there other Archangels who appear as Michael in response to us? Is Archangel Michael a name that humans have given to any Archangel who comes to help?

Azrael: All of the names by which you refer to me and my kin are given to us by humans. Our means of identifying ourselves to each other is not something that I could explain.

Lois: Do each of you have a different function or purpose?

Azrael: We are all one, even as we are all individual. You might say we are interchangeable. Yet, we each have our preferred function, things that we enjoy doing. Although we are certainly capable of doing anything. My particular task is Angel of Death. My job is to help spirits that have become trapped in physical form to escape.

Lois: Ahh, so you’ve actually been helping Paul and me quite a bit then, haven’t you?

Azrael: Most of the spirits that you are dealing with are spirits that have already detached from their physical bodies, even if they have not detached from the physical plane. (These are the spirits of people who have died yet their spirit remains on the Earth plane). I certainly have been here for you from time to time. But specifically, I help spirits that are actually physically trapped. For some reason, the connection between the spirit and the body does not dissolve and that keeps the body alive beyond the point at which it should be. I come in and release the spirit.

Lois: Are you talking about people who have diseases like Alzheimer’s, where their mind is no longer aware, yet their body is still functioning?

Azrael: That’s a different case. This is a case where the body tries to die and cannot because the spirit does not release. Sometimes that is the spirit’s desire to remain; sometimes that is the body’s desire to remain. But, at some point… an individual’s death is not predetermined… it happens when it occurs. If for some reason, that process is interrupted, that is where I will step in and perform a separation.

Lois: That’s amazing. I think I understand. You are like a hospice angel. You probably helped my cousin a short time ago. She was very sick and had been on the verge of death for a long time yet was reluctant to leave because of her teenage children. Her body had suffered greatly from chronic disease, and she was having a hard time leaving her precious children. I prayed with her and invited family members to help her into the Light. Early the next morning, she departed.

Azrael: The most common desire to stay is to remain with loved ones.

Lois: That makes perfect sense. I have also seen many spirits who have left their physical bodies, however, are still hanging around their loved ones in spirit, unable to leave.

Azrael: But there is a time for all things.

Lois: Yes, there is. Paul and I work to send lost spirits into what we call the Light. Sometimes, when spirits are released, the Archangels seem to take them to a different place. Is this just our imagination, or are there different levels or different places that people go for various types of healing?

Azrael: It is difficult to answer in terms that you will easily understand. You do understand that there are different energy levels that divide the dimensions, and depending on the energy level of the spirit, they may have a different ultimate destination. [Pauses to consider.] I’ll use an analogy to the ancient Greek mythology: all souls that die go to the underworld, but there is the Elysium Fields for souls who are good, and there are places for souls who are not. That isn’t what’s happening here. If one of my brethren takes a spirit to what appears to you to be a different place… it’s just a manifestation to you. The Light to which you refer is simply the mind’s interpretation of something that it cannot understand. There is no… [Stops to consider again.] For most humans who have never practiced the spiritual work that you do, they have no comprehension of what’s beyond. Their mind presents them a Light because they cannot understand what they truly see, and because for most of their lives they have been told about this Light, so they see what they expect to see.

To some degree, each spirit creates its own afterlife. You experience more or less what you expect to experience for the first period of time after you leave the body. Eventually, as you come to clear yourself of the experiences of the physical existence… when you have kept the parts of the mental and emotional body that you choose to retain and incorporate into your spirit, and you have now completely detached (from the physical body). That process takes some time, depending on the individual. [Pauses to consider.] Then, you see with true eyes. Then, you truly see the Universe as it is, and the Light ceases to be just a bright light. It is your life in-between. The amount of time you stay there is entirely up to you. When you are ready, if you are ready, you come back… to the same form… to a different form… to a different place.

Lois: Is it the spirit’s personal decision as to the experiences they want to have?

Azrael: Ultimately, it is the spirit’s decision. However, older and wiser souls will make recommendations… will make requests… [smiles kindly]. But ultimately, it is always the individual spirit’s decision… when they are in the position of making that decision. There are some spirits that are damaged during their corporeal existence. They have less choice. It is possible that they will drop in energy level to the point that they cannot incorporate into physical form. The amount of time it takes to heal depends on the spirit and the reason for the damage. [Tips his head to the side with a kind smile.]

Lois: Thank you for that insight. We have questions about those of you, the Archangels, who’ve been around since before the Earth was formed. We hear stories of ancient aliens coming to help humans. My question is: Was that in fact you, the Archangels, who came to help humanity at different times in their existence?

Azrael: In some cases, we have imparted some knowledge. [Pauses to reflect with a sigh.] In some cases, we have imparted… wisdom is not the right word… hmmm… motivation. What you refer to as primitive man was not so primitive as you think. It boosts a human’s ego to think of their ancestor as somehow being less than they are now. In some ways they were… in many ways, they were not. It really is individual. [Shrugs.]

Most spirits, when they return, if they chose to return to the same place, are more advanced simply because they have more experience. However, my kin have told you how a human form is assembled. Most of what makes you an individual is created from birth, and it is only the spirit that carries through from life to life. It is possible that circumstances for an individual life are such that the spirit becomes handicapped. It does not or cannot live up to the potential that it possibly had in a previous incarnation because of experiences that occur during the developmental years of that particular life. [Tips his head back as he considers.]

If the environment of the world… produces more struggle for the individuals as they grow, it is possible that, as a group, each individual has greater difficulty in achieving their full potential. And if, as a group, that begins to happen, then civilization as a whole… is less than the previous generation. It’s difficult to define what less means. [Pauses to consider.] It’s just that… if a large enough group of individuals fails to live up to the potential they could have… or fails to live up to the potential that they have had, then the energy level as a whole diminishes, and that can become a spiraling effect. If the energy level is such that individuals are not living up to their potential, and the energy level decreases, then the next generation has both to overcome [holds hands horizontally gesturing the different levels] and they drop down to lower levels, and so it goes. That is a very difficult cycle to break.

Lois: Is that what’s happening with humanity now?

Azrael: That is what we see, yes. [Deep breath with a sigh.] There is an apparent lack of desire to improve things. There are some individuals, such as the work you do, trying to make a difference. But it is… it is like trying to hold back the ocean with a sponge. At some point, the only way to move up is to bounce off the bottom. Where that bottom is… is not predictable. What effect that bounce will have… is almost certainly an unpleasant experience. Imagine what it must feel like for the ball to hit the wall. [Pauses with a deep, sad sigh.]

We see that happening to civilization on Earth. It is not so much a danger to humanity itself as it is to civilization itself. I know that humans still have a lot of tribalism in them, and you view different places on Earth as having different civilizations. From our perspective, Earth has only one civilization. It has subgroups, certainly, but humanity is one group of people. I think that because humanity views itself as being alone in the Universe, they think of themselves as being fractured into groups. If they were to discover that they are not alone, it might bring them together as one group. I know that my brethren have said as much before.

Lois: I think a lot of humans believe there is other life. Some even see evidence such as spaceships. There are a lot of people who truly believe in what are called extraterrestrials or aliens, and yet your brethren have said that there is no possible way for beings from other galaxies to actually come here in physical form. So, what is it that people are seeing?

Azrael: Very, very few civilizations in the Universe have progressed technologically to the point that they could make the journey between the stars. Those few that have such are still so far from here that their technology is still insufficient to reach here. Interstellar travel is possible, but intergalactic travel has never happened… in physical form. It is possible for a race to develop itself internally… as opposed to external technological trappings… to a point that they can do what we, who have no physical form, do naturally. [Indicates self.]  In a lot of ways, having physical form is a handicap. It limits what your spirit is capable of doing.

You are limited further by the environment in which you grow up. You are taught as children that some things simply are not, and if you hear that often enough, you’ll believe it, whether or not it’s actually true. There are some cultures on Earth that are… [pauses to consider]… not more open-minded, but less close-minded. The more you think you know, the less likely you are to be able to learn. When you understand how little you know, you are willing to accept new information. A large portion of humanity has reached the point where they think they know everything there is to know, or at least everything of any importance. That couldn’t possibly be more false.

It is necessary to expand people’s minds… providing them with simple facts will not do that. If you simply say, “Here is the answer to this question,” that will not open them to experience. In fact, that could close them down saying, “Oh, well… now we know everything.” But in fact, every answer you have should open you up to more questions.

We understand the work that you do. [Pauses to think.] It would be beneficial in your work to pose questions… to stimulate people’s thoughts, rather than just providing them with a lot of answers to questions. They perhaps have no vested interest in knowing the answers. There are people who have fixed dogma about their beliefs. Challenging those beliefs will not accomplish anything for you. It is necessary to get the people to question their own beliefs, to then seek answers, and then later… give them the mechanism to find those answers.

Continue your work. Your work will never stop. You’re not writing a book. You will be on this path for the rest of your lives here. [Considers his words carefully.] We did not choose you, but when you presented yourselves, we realized that you were ideally suited for the task. We took advantage of that, to provide you with the information you need, and to give you the help and guidance that you need. There are some questions, of course, we cannot answer, because you are not ready for the answers. We are sorry for this, but… every life has its limitations.

Lois: We understand.

Azrael: We will help you with all you need. But, in truth, there is very little help that you need. You have the wisdom to accomplish your goal. We can give you help… We can answer your questions. But it is ultimately your task. It is your path to walk. There are other humans who realize the danger that civilization faces and many of them are doing similar things. Many of them are trying in their own way to… turn the spiral around. You are the only ones who have our assistance. Even if it was possible for us to have this type of communication with others, we would not. We believe that each group trying to help the world should take its own path. If they all take the same path, the likelihood of failure is much greater. If they all take a different path, the likelihood is that one will succeed. It is important to let people move in their own way, so we help you.

Lois: Thank you, that answers much. One of the challenges we have is knowing what the best questions are to ask for the benefit of everyone. We have simple questions like, “What are crop circles?” There are so many of these smaller questions that are curiosities that we would love to have answers to, and yet do they truly serve the betterment of the people?

Azrael: That would depend on the questions. [Pauses with a broad smile.] And if you’re waiting for me to tell you which questions, I’m sorry I cannot. [Gentle laughter.]

Lois: [Laughs with him.] I know… we have to ask the questions. I have more questions about the Archangels. There are many of you, yes?

Azrael: Remember that Archangel is a term that was applied to us by humans, much as our individual names have been given to us. We are any one of us, capable of being what you think of as an Archangel. [Pauses to consider.] It is associated with the level at which we exist… much as our Children are being born as prophets because they are capable of taking physical form.

Lois: Some ancient hieroglyphic drawings depict beings that came down to help. Would those images be of your Children who would have actually incorporated?

Azrael: Our Children or us. [Pauses with a deep breath.] When one of our Children incorporates in any life, including human, in general, they do not know that their spirits are different than any spirit that might motivate a particular individual. It wasn’t until working began with you [Lois] that Gary realized his spirit was actually one of our Children. There are several reasons why this happens. Mostly, the spirit doesn’t remember much of its previous existences, because it may lose a vested interest in its current existence. There are people who develop to the point that they do go back and learn of previous existences. If you’re willing to put in the effort that it takes to do that, then you are mature enough to not lose your interest in this world. So… that is the most common form of existence.

Our Children’s spirits can appear not within real physical bodies. It isn’t necessary that they are born and develop. They can… illusion is not quite the right word… they can make themselves appear as solid, real individuals that can interact physically with those who have been born and gone through a development phase. Strictly speaking, they aren’t human because it is a temporary physical container motivated by the spirit, but it has no intellectual or emotional part. It cannot exist for any period of time; it is unstable. But it is possible for one of our Children to appear as a human, or on any world as whatever they need to be. That ability also allows them to appear as anything they believe is necessary… to accomplish what it is they are trying to accomplish. So, the story of Moses and the burning bush… the burning bush is a story… but, by way of example, the burning bush could have been one of our Children attempting to make contact with someone in a way to make them believe that there is more than what they know.

We think… that one key way to help humanity avoid bouncing off the wall is going to be to make them believe that there is more than what they know. If they can open their minds to the possibility… if they can be made to understand that they don’t know everything… that the way they think is not the only way, there’s never only one way… then they will be willing to accept that there are changes that they need to make in order to elevate. I don’t prefer using terms that way, but I don’t have the right word.

Lois: Are you referring to “consciousness” or “energy?”

Azrael: [Sighs loudly, then smiles.] No, the word I have trouble with is ‘elevate’. It gives one a sense of above and below. And, it really isn’t as simple as that.

Lois: I see. It’s more of an expanded awareness.

Azrael: Yes. It really is a question of raising the overall vibrational rate of humanity. There are too many who suffer… and too few who don’t… which in itself would not be as much of a problem if those too few weren’t the ones who were causing the suffering. I’m sure my brother Samael told you this… Never before in the history of this world have there been so many spirits that are so damaged that when their time comes to pass, and they see clearly what their lives have been and the harm that they’ve caused… there have never been so many. [Sighs sadly.]

It is possible… remember we can only predict the future based on probability… one of two things will happen. Either the spiral will continue until all of civilization crashes, and ultimately comes back, which would be revolutionary. Or if humanity can maintain itself until these damaged souls pass, then it is possible at that point to have an evolutionary change that will not be as disruptive to life on this world. There is also the issue of the Mother Spirit for your world, which you call Gaia. Her patience is vast, but not infinite. You already see signs of what’s happening. She may take the decision out of your hands. We cannot say one way or the other if that would happen, or what the effect might be if it did.

It is necessary to impress upon people the urgency of the situation. We hear what happens on Earth through our Children, and through those whose voices are loud enough to reach us. [Deep sigh.] We hear the call for help… But it saddens us that there is nothing we can do. Humanity’s fate must remain in its own hands. [Stuttering slightly.] The information we give you is more interference than we would normally entertain. This is not usual for us. [Carefully considers his words.] We have a particular fondness for humanity. We would not like to see it perish, and so we offer this help to you.

Lois: Thank you. Is there anything more that Paul and I could do collectively? We work with individuals. Is there more that we could do on a larger scale to prevent things like some of the massacres that are being caused by very damaged souls? Is there anything we could do?

Azrael: There is a human expression, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.” The work you do is important and valuable… but you are simply handing out fish. If you can teach others to do what you do, and they pass that forward, that produces an expanding wave that could very well reverse the trend. [Considers thoughtfully.] That is probably more advice than I should give you. But I understand how you feel and your desire to help. You have already taken the first steps toward doing this. Stay on that path. [Smiles kindly.]

Lois: Thank you, we will. Are there any last questions from you, Paul?

Azrael: [To Paul.] You had a question you wanted to ask earlier?

Paul: I did. About Nikola Tesla.

Azrael: We know of him.

Paul: He invented many great things. And he did so without a profit motive. He developed technology to help the human civilization. And he was treated very poorly by those in power.

Azrael: That is not uncommon on your world.

Paul: For the profit motive. And upon his passing, all of his records disappeared quickly, within hours. Are there secrets within those records that could help us with our energy issues to provide cleaner energy?

Azrael: Not specifically in his notes. While Nikola Tesla was certainly a genius, he was not a particularly old spirit, by the way, simply a brilliant man. The concept that he had to broadcast power would not work. His desire to provide free power was certainly laudable. There are alternatives and solutions to the energy problems that Earth has, but they already have solutions. It is already known what to do. It is… a matter of motivating people to do it. As long as the current system… [sighs deeply] as long as the people who have power retain it… there will be no change. It is unlikely that they can be convinced to give it up. This is what I was referring to before. If they retain power for too long, then Earth has only one future. It is merely a question of how long they will remain.

We would never recommend revolution. However, there are changes that can be made. [Considering] I am stretching what I should be telling you. But to begin to unwind the pattern, it is necessary to start at one small place and allow a reverse spiral to begin. This would be the least painful way to evoke change… evolution rather than revolution.

We understand that there is great political unrest in your nation, and normally we would never consider becoming involved in such a thing. But there is a time now… there is an opportunity… right now… to begin a reverse of the trend. [Pauses to consider.] There are enough people who are disappointed with the way things are run, not just the disenfranchised. But now is the time for just a few people of good conscience to make themselves available to lead others. If a few people can get themselves elected, they can start the turnaround… Now is the time where those who have been in power for so long… that there are people fed up with the system. Those are the people who need to run.

It won’t help you to find other people to put in their place. People themselves must step up and make themselves available. Go back and look at your ancient American history. No one said, “There needs to be change. You, go make change.” [Pointing, but not at anyone specifically.] The individuals themselves took the step up and did what they knew would be difficult and painful to do. To put themselves in a position where the public could scrutinize their every move, but they did it. Those are the kind of people we need to motivate now. You need to put real people into positions where they can affect change.

Lois: Thank you so much. Are there any last words of advice you would have for us?

Azrael: You are putting yourselves in the very position I just described. It never works out well for our Children who are born to Earth (prophets like Jesus). Even if they accomplish what they set out to accomplish, they sacrifice their own lives to do it. You may make it clear that the information you are presenting comes from us; these aren’t your ideas. It is difficult to say how much protection that will offer you. If you make yourselves examples of stepping forward… if you make yourselves examples of, “We know this is painful, but we’re going to do it because we believe it’s right.” Others will follow that example.

Lois: We know you are here for us. And we thank you.

Azrael: We are here to help you.

Lois: That’s what I think many people don’t realize.

Azrael: Yes! [Holding arms wide] We will help anybody who asks. It is not necessary to think of us as Gods. There are beings in the Universe that are old… that have seen much. [Smiles knowingly at Lois.] The type of contact we have here (through Gary) is not something that the average person is ever going to be able to do. They simply cannot tolerate the amount of energy that this involves. [Motions to Gary’s body.] But if you ask us a question, we will answer, even if it is only in your dreams. It doesn’t have to be prayer. It doesn’t have to have any sort of religious overtone to it. If you shout loud enough, we will hear you. If you ask the right question, we will answer. You have to be open to hearing the answer.

I have not told you anything you did not already know. There is nothing we can tell you that mankind doesn’t already know… nothing of any consequence anyway. The answers to the important questions have been inside you all along. You have to have the courage to look inside, and pull them up, and work with them. If you dismiss an idea because you don’t like it or because you think it’s going to be too painful a path… That’s why civilization is in the state it’s in. [Holds hands wide.] There are no easy ways out. There are no simple roads. Only work can accomplish your goal.

Lois: I understand. Thank you.

Azrael: It is always our pleasure.

Lois: And it is our honor to be able to experience this.

Azrael: Do you have anything else you’d like to ask? [Looks at Paul.]

Paul: More personal questions, but not pertaining to this.

Azrael: I will answer if I can.

Lois: We were in a debate about crop circles earlier. Could you describe what those are? [With a lighthearted voice.]

Azrael: They are almost entirely human creations. [Smiles.]
Lois: They are? [Laughs gently.]

Azrael: Yes, I’m sorry. [Smiles playfully.]
Lois: That’s good to know. [Laughs more heartily.]

Azrael: However, if you were to develop your natural telekinetic abilities, you could certainly produce them without using props. Humans don’t realize the extent of the abilities they do possess. We don’t encourage that sort of development because it is… [considers his choice of words]… it is too easily abused. And because humans… most humans don’t have the emotional control necessary. [Holds hand to his chest.] Gary faces that issue. The abilities that he has are extraordinary, and he does not develop them out of fear that he isn’t emotionally stable enough to contain them. That fear is not unfounded.

Lois: We’ve been told that it was humans who actually built the pyramids and other ancient structures where the joints are fitted together so precisely, like with a laser. Is this…

Azrael: [Interrupting…] Don’t underestimate the skills of your ancestors. The ideas behind some of these structures might have come from other sources, but the engineering… [stretches his neck]… sorry, I’m running out of time (due to vibrational energy constraints)… the engineering and mechanical skills, the ability to produce them, once the idea was evoked, are entirely human.

Lois: Was it through levitation? Were they able to visualize and levitate, or was it truly mechanical?

Azrael: Such things are possible, but based on your history, it’s all just been very clever engineering. There is a lot of knowledge still to be relearned by humanity.

Lois: Of course. Thank you.
Azrael: You are pleased?

Lois: Yes, we’re always pleased. We are fascinated and enchanted… excited and in awe.

Azrael: No! [Speaks firmly.] You are every bit as impressive as we are. There’s nothing special about us, other than the fact that we’re old. Do not be in awe. [Kind smile.]

Lois: We’re honored that you should come to speak with us, and we will do our best to carry your words to humanity.

Azrael: We know you will.

Lois: We thank you.

Azrael: I must go now. We are sorry we have so little time here. [Head falls back with a deep sigh.]